The Japanese "Dragon Ball Super [VIDEO]" series is more exciting than ever. While it is true that recent episodes have marked a global trend in the world of anime, the next events that we will see in the Tournament of Power [VIDEO] will be even more shocking. Recently, extended spoilers have been revealed for episodes 121-122 of the series, which reveal surprising details of the upcoming battles between the strongest universes of the tournament. So far in the series, Jiren has proven to be the most fearsome opponent in the current Power Tournament.

However, this time the powerful villain will have another trial by fire, (face the Prince of the Saiyan race) Vegeta. But in what episode will we see these powerful warriors in battle? How would the Saiyan defeat the fearsome villain? Let's see below.


A report by Otakukart provided most of the information used in this article.

For what date is the fight between Vegeta and Jiren scheduled?

According to a source close to Toei Animation in Japan, the fight will take place on January 7, 2018. Until now, Vegeta has not faced an opponent of the stature of Jiren in the tournament and every time a fight arises, he is pitifully defeated. This will be the most important challenge of Vegeta in his life since it will be the first time that the Prince of the Saiyan race will fight against a great opponent, probably the most powerful of the series. According to the latest spoilers, this will be one of the most epic and exciting matches in the current Tournament of Power of the Japanese series, where Vegeta is expected to reach the powerful transformation known as Ultra Instinct at its highest level.


It is worth mentioning that not only is it the honor of the powerful Saiyan that is at stake, but his universe could also be in danger of being eliminated.

How would the fight between these two powerful warriors go?

After watching Jiren fight Son Goku, we could see that the Super Saiyan Blue is not enough to stop this villain. It is obvious that Vegeta needs to achieve a powerful transformation to fight on equal terms with Jiren. The most likely power that the Prince of the Saiyan race can obtain is the Ultra Instinct. We all know how powerful the Ultra Instinct or Migatte no Gokui is. However, this incredible fusion is very difficult to master, even for a God of Destruction. It would be a real surprise if we see that the Saiyan acquires this powerful form. So far, everything points to the Z warrior reaching the aforementioned transformation at its highest level, seeking to eliminate, once and for all, the fearsome villain. Sincerely, in my personal opinion, I believe that Vegeta will be defeated.

If I take into account that Jiren has been, until now, the strongest warrior of the tournament and that there are still several episodes left, it is understandable that the villain will not be defeated until the end of the Tournament of Power.

Jiren vs Vegeta will definitely be one of the most striking and exciting combats in the Japanese series.