Recently, the next chapters of the popular anime series "Dragon Ball Super" have been revealed, and this information was provided by Animage magazine. The chapters will be transmitted in January of next year, so this week there won’t be a chapter of “Dragon Ball Super” due to the New Year’s Eve celebration.

After the long battle at the Tournament of Power [VIDEO], there are only 2 universes left, Universe 7 led by Gohan and Universe 11 led by Toppo, the God Of Destruction Candidate, along with Dyspo and, of course, Jiren the Gray, who is the strongest participant of the Tournament.

Titles and synopsis

"Chapter 123: Full Power of Mind and Body Unleashed! Goku and Vegeta"

With only 5 warriors left from Universe 7, and only 3 from Universe 11 at the Tournament of Power.


Vegeta decides to face the strongest warrior of all: Jiren the Gray, and for this, he uses all of his power to defeat him but fails in the attempt to finish him. On the other hand, due to the battle, Vegeta is seriously hurt and in grave trouble.

"Chapter 124: Fierce rush attack! Gohan’s final stand!"

Vegeta and Son Goku team up in order to face Jiren and they manage to strike him a blow. Meanwhile, Gohan the leader of Universe 7 decides to help Frieza to fight against Dyspo from Universe 11.

"Chapter 125: God of destruction Toppo appears! Pure overwhelming power!"

No information [VIDEO] has been provided about this chapter; however, by the title, we can deduce that Toppo will use all of his power to eliminate Goku and his friends once and for all.

Tournament of Power

This is all the information made available, by the magazine, about the next chapters of this series, it should be noted by many people though, that Vegeta will be a challenge for Jiren.


Clearly, though, he was just measuring his strength, because not even Goku with the Ultra Instinct technique was able to put an end to this powerful rival. On the other hand, the Dyspo vs Frieza fight is very interesting because even though Frieza possesses power comparable to Son Goku or Vegeta, he might have difficulties during the confrontation due to the speed of Dyspo, therefore the young Saiyan Gohan will go help him.

With just a few minutes before the end of the Tournament of Power, anything could happen.

For now, that’s all the information we have about this series. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available, and tune in to the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super" to find out what will happen next in the Tournament of Power.