Dragon Ball has many series that have a lot of chapters, so it can be completely normal to find out some continuity or script mistakes. A report by Comicbook.com relayed a lot of the facts used in this article.

Even more, if you take into account that in this franchise there are aspects that should be respected. When we talk about this, we’re making references to mistakes made in the past, so it is important to consider that this anime of Akira Toriyama may contain one mistake or another.

But, despite this, the creators of the series make sure, as much as possible, to find a way to cover up these mistakes.


As in the case of "DBS" where A mistake of “Dragon Ball Z," that was very criticized, has been explained.

A mistake, which the followers of the series couldn’t stop thinking about while trying to find a logical explanation.

No. 17 was kept alive while he was inside Cell

It seems that in the mind of the followers of the series, it didn't make sense that Android 17 was able to remember Goku’s voice in “Dragon Ball Z.” With this doubt, the fans brought out several theories, among which they made the explanation by saying that, maybe, these two characters were able to meet in “Dragon Ball Z” but we didn’t see it.

This is something that actually can’t be possible since Goku was suffering from a virus that affected his heart and while that was happening, the Android had been absorbed by Cell.

It was also possible to see this Android when Buu arrived in the series because, at that time, he had seized a great power with which he later would use to feed Goku’s spirit and this is what made people confused.

Android 17

At that time, Android 17 said he hadn’t heard Goku’s voice in a long time, something that seemed almost impossible because they never got to see each other.


This is what “Dragon Ball Super” has recently taken charge of in order to clarify and fix the mistake made.

According to the manga series, we can see that when Goku is going to recruit Android 17 to fight together in the Tournament of Power, the Android said that he has heard his voice before. And Son Goku asks him how that’s possible if they didn’t know each other. That’s when he answers him, explaining that when he was absorbed by Cell, and while he was kept alive inside him, he could hear Goku’s voice.

In case you still had this doubt, I hope that all of this has made it absolutely clear and when you feel like you’ve found another mistake, keep in mind that later it will be solved.

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