"Shingeki no Kyojin" - "Attack On Titan" is about to reach the climax of the Marley story arc in its next chapter, which happens to be the 100th issue of the post-apocalyptic manga series.

Billy Tybur, the possessor of the War Hammer Titan and the puppeteer of the Marley government, has revealed to the world the looming threat that is Eren Yeager. In an attempt to gain support from world leaders, the head of the Tybur clan used the festival as a platform to paint a bad picture about Yeager, declaring him the “enemy of peace.”

Eren, who has been an Avenger ever since that tragic day at Shiganshina, is now left with no choice but to ignite an all-out titan slugfest at the heart of Marley’s stronghold – Liberio.

Giants will collide and major characters meet their end in the much-awaited showdown between the Marleys and Eldians.

What just happened? – Chapter 99 recap

Billy [VIDEO] narrated the untold story behind Marley’s rise to military superiority, and at the same time, debunked the myth surrounding Helos – the Hero of Marley.


He revealed to the world leaders in attendance that it was none other than King Karl Fritz who plotted with Tybur Family to end “the Titan War.” As atonement for their “sins,” the Royal Family decided to cede their lands to the Marley and left along with thousands of Eldians to Paradis Island, where they’ll wait for their final judgment.

Billy added that King Fritz made a vow of pacifism to make sure that peace would last for a long time. He passed on to his descendants the power of the Coordinate along the vow, restricting them from launching an attack towards the Marley and the World.

However, Lord Tybur warned that their peace is currently under threat after Eren Yeager stole the power of the Founding Titan from the true King of the Wall. He incited more panic after he announced that “the enemy of peace” is now roaming around Marley territory.


In some random basement in Liberio, Eren was speaking with the Armored Titan, Reiner Braun, with the hope of convincing his former foe to cooperate with him before the big attack.

The hype is real

There’s already massive hype surrounding the 100th chapter of Hajime Isayama’s manga series three weeks ahead of its official release on December 9. Brutal deaths have been common themes in Shingeki no Kyojin throughout the series, but readers are expecting a different level of slaughter in the upcoming issue.

Isayama stressed from the start that this series won’t have a typical “happy ever after” ending. Major characters, including the most-loved individuals, will eventually die one way or another, and readers have to prepare for loads of it next month.

Who's the character on Death Watch?

Reiner Braun - the Armored Titan. Well, Reiner was pretty much fruitcake mental even before his reunion with Eren Yeager. Already emotionally broken due to the trauma of his mission in Paradis Island, Reiner was on verge of throwing his own life in vain until an unexpected meeting with a former foe.

Eren Yeager gives him a reason to live and fight for the freedom of the Eldian people in Marley territory. Unfortunately for Reiner fans, he’s the kind of character that usually ends up as a sacrificial lamb to meet the protagonist’s goal. It’s also safe to say that the War Hammer Titan will never allow the Armored Titan go unpunished. It's going to be brutal, very brutal death.