Brutal deaths, an epic titan showdown, and a big return of a major character. These three elements will sum up the 101st chapter of Hajime Isayama’s post-apocalyptic manga series "Attack On Titan" or "Shingeki no Kyojin." Spoilers were usually leaked three days before the official release date, but the December issue is a special case with leaked pages already available on the Internet a full week before Bessastu Shounen Monthly hits the stands on January 9, 2018.

Previously on "Attack on Titan"

Eren Yeager has finally unleashed his wrath on the Marley forces, Eldian-affiliates, and the rest of the world, appearing in his "Attack Titan [VIDEO]" form at the climax of Willy Tybur’s speech.

It was Eren's version of declaring war against the world. Yeager, now considered the enemy of the world, showed how much of a threat he really is as he pounced on Tybur and shred him to pieces.


The presence of the 15-foot killing machine suddenly put a shrieking halt to the gathering of world powers in Liberio. Out of nowhere, another grim reminder is about to befall, this time in the heart of Marley’s stranglehold.

Brutal Deaths

Death has always been a central theme in the "Attack on Titan" universe, and Isayama doubles down on the number of character deaths in the latest issue. All of the 12 chapters spent to build up new characters in the story have been thrown out of the window with tragic deaths left and right. Fans shouldn’t be emotionally invested in the warrior candidates because some of them will go down in a horrific fashion. Yeager’s thirst for revenge will be on full display in the next chapter as he annihilates all of Marley’s high-ranking officials – all except General Magath - in one swoop.


War Hammer titan and epic Titan showdown

Almost everybody thought that Willy Tybur held the power of the Warhammer Titan. Well, chapter 101 will once again serve as a reminder that Isayama is a master of the plot twist. Willy Tybur might be the leader of his clan, but he’s not the holder of the fabled Warhammer Titan. It belongs to his sister, the one dressed in the black gown in the previous chapter.

For the first time in the series, Isayama will unveil the power of the 9th Titan of Eldia, and it’s going to be really beautiful. The design of the Warhammer titan deviates from its traditional look (hairy, beastly hammer-wielding God) and showcases a slender, aesthetic look without losing its fearsome aura. Its entire body is almost cloaked with hardened crystals, except the eyes and some portions of the mouth and front neck.

Power-wise, Warhammer Titan is just on a different level compared to Eren’s Attack Titan. It appears the Warhammer type has the power to manipulate hardening crystals better than any other titans introduced in the series.

Of course, the signature hammer is there and with it, the Titan is a formidable force. It’s safe to say the Eren is pretty much inferior to the Warhammer titan until Mikasa finally makes her grand return.

Mikasa Ackerman’s grand return

Yep, the series’ main female protagonist finally makes her return after a 12-chapter absence. Mikasa flies out of nowhere and with a payload of six highly-explosive "Thunderspear" in the nape of the Warhammer Titan’s neck. In the world of "Attack on Titan," the Thunderspear is the ultimate equalizer to a Titan clad in hardened crystals. Even the Armored Titan was no match for the Thunderspear, and so will be the Warhammer Titan.

The moment the Warhammer Titan collapses, it’s game over for the Marley forces as the Survey Corps, dressed in modified 3D maneuver gear, swarm all over them. Mikasa, now sporting a much shorter hair-do but still lovely as ever, asks Eren to come home at the end of the chapter.