As everyone knows, Akira Toriyama is the great creator of the “Dragon Ball” manga and series, which since its debut has come out with several different versions. These variations include “Dragon Ball Z,” “Dragon Ball Super” and "Dragon Ball GT,” which have also been very successful. The variation of one with another was very little; basically, the aim of each one was the same, with just some changes in the characters and as the series progresses we can meet new characters for it.

Dragon Ball Super

This is one of the new series created by Akira Toriyama, which already has an anime version that’s progressing almost simultaneously with the manga.


However, in several statements made by Akira, he has let the world to know his disagreement about what has been the quality of this series.

In several interviews made with him, Toriyama has declared the same, which has generated many comments; however he has said in several occasions that he will be focusing more on the version titled “Dragon Ball Super”, which is expected to have images of an excellent quality, in order to continue being the number one anime in the world.

Akira Toriyama also made publicly known, that he went through a moment where he wanted to leave “Dragon Ball” in his past, since he was thinking to put an end to what this anime would be. After a while, the premiere of the movie Live Action was coming, and he would end up getting a little angry, and that's how he decided to write that script again.


And currently, he is making some complaints about the quality that his anime [VIDEO] is having, which he doesn’t like.

He also stated that this "Dragon Ball" series has grown too much, which is something that he would never imagine would happen, and that he’s already in a moment where he knows that it’ll be impossible to leave this anime alone and abandon it, on the contrary, this has made him want to continue growing along with his anime.

Has the quality of this anime improved?

Many of the users have thanked Toriyama since it’s he who at some time began to receive complaints about the poor quality of some of his chapters and decided to take some action. Nowadays it seems [VIDEO] that everything has been solved, many of the fans have said it through social networks, and that it had already become possible to see some chapters that before were impossible due to their poor quality. However, this has fortunately improved drastically for its audience.