Let’s talk about the power of this character who we haven’t seen at full power yet in “Dragon Ball Super.”

Jiren is a character shrouded in tons of mystery. Nobody knows his backstory; nobody knows how he was recruited for the Pride Troopers or maybe what race he is or even the limitations of his power. As a result of this, we’ve seen a lot of “Dragon Ball Super” fans saying that he is kind of boring and stale. Anyway, what we can say about him is that he has been a huge plot device and a huge obstacle for Goku to get through.

Jiren is “Dragon Ball” representation of the ultimate villain and the ultimate challenge for Goku. At least for now, Jiren is a big mountain, a big wall for Goku to climb and eventually surpass.


Based on what we have seen of Jiren so far there’s no need to do a lot of real research to understand how strong this guy is. Just based on episode 109 when he pretty much nerfed everything Goku hit him with, he blocked Super Saiyan Gods punches with one finger and he was able to nullify Kaio-ken blue times 20, which is Goku´s max power.

If “Dragon Ball Super” has a character like Goku [VIDEO], who was able to disrupt the balance of the universe during his fight with Beerus. Then the idea of a Goku vs. Jiren fight where Jiren is blocking the punches with one finger, definitely says that even Beerus would have problems with Jiren or possibly even lose. There’s not enough evidence yet because we haven’t seen Beerus at full power either, but Beerus has not ever shown to be able to block Super Saiyan Gods punches with one finger and based on Beerus behavior we may think he is the kind of guy who would like to do that.


However, Beerus is the God of Destruction and the one who tap into a table and blew off half a planet which makes him hard to measure so far.

It is very impressive that Jiren was able to take out every single punch of Goku, including a super-powered spirit bomb Genki-Dama, which he was able to bounce back at him with very little trouble. Let’s not forget either when Jiren powered up, he shook the entire world of void which surprised even Berrus and all of the Gods who were amazed at the fact that there is a mortal that exists and has this huge power. This was confirmed by Whis when he said he is the mortal who is above the gods of destruction.

What kind of training Jiren did?

It´s hard to know exactly what kind of training Jiren has, but it’s for sure that he has a strong metal power which could be one of his ways to practice. Besides, he has some kind of connection with Vermouth [VIDEO], and we know based on the manga that he is at least stronger than Vermouth.

Vados’ statement

One of the things that catches the most attention is that Vados states that not even time can constrain Jiren and Jiren’s ability stretch beyond time.

We saw an example of this in “Dragon Ball Super” episode 111 when Hit who is known for manipulate time, does a series of lopped where he traps Jiren in some kind of time portal where he cannot move. Jiren proceeds to break out of this time vacuum purely on brute strength and power. The reason why this is a big deal is that we’ve seen crazy things in “Dragon Ball, ” but this is like breaking a degree of power that we’ve never seen.

Jiren breaking the tournament of power rules?

This is a thing not so many people are talking about, but when we mentioned the mental power of Jiren we were talking about the fact that he was floating in the Tournament of Power arena when we were told from the beginning had been disabled for this tournament. If participants have rocket propellers or if they have wings or some kind of mechanism, they could fly, but the actual energy based ability to fly was disabled by the grand priest. Even though we saw in “Dragon Ball Super” how Jiren was sitting there, floating.

There could be two possibilities here. Either number one is that his power is so great that he can nullify the cancellation of bukujutsu or the second possibility could be that Jiren is floating with a different technique that is not bukujutsu. It is very interesting that the grand priest hasn´t even commented on this yet.

What do you think is going to happen when Jiren faces Goku again?