My Hero Academia” Chapter 159 is finally here and with it, the current boss battle is drawn to a conclusion, or so we thought. One thing that is for sure though, is Chisaki’s defeat at the hands of our green-haired MC, Midoriya. It was obvious in the previous chapter [VIDEO], but seeing Chisaki complete white eyes, a sign that he just went unconscious, sealed the deal.

Wrapping up all loose ends

One of the main points of “My Hero Academia’s” latest chapter was wrapping up.

We got to see all the loose ends tied starting with Eraserhead, who was still under the effects of Kurono’s slowing quirk, getting saved by Suneater from Kurono’s knife stab, to Nighteye who is still somehow managing to stay alive (more on him later).


One of more the interesting parts of this wrap up was Kurono’s decision at the end to get rid of Eraserhead. It confirmed that one of the more popular fan theories regarding the Eight Precepts’ plan to use Eraserhead in experiments to better perfect the quirk-erasing bullets, was mute. Eraserhead was only removed from the fight to not put a stop to Chisaki.

Eri almost fulfilling Nighteye’s prediction

“My Hero Academia’s” creator Horikoshi never wastes a moment to show us how much of an unstable kid Eri is. This time it (Eri’ instability) was almost going to reduce Midoriya to an embryo due to Eri losing it at the end of the fight when she remembered Chisaki’s words once again.

A tragedy was avoided as Eraserhead was conveniently saved right before that happened and was brought to the surface, and when he saw what was going on, he immediately erased both Midoriya’s and Eri’s quirk to stop Eri’s rampaging quirk.

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There was a lot of worry among the fanbase regarding Eri’s presence in the world of “My Hero Academia.” Her quirk, in particular, is a major cause of worry, as it could, in the future, lead to an easy escape from all and any kind of trouble any hero faces. To be able to rewind is a plot device capable of making any significant event happening in this world irrelevant. One of the more discussed concerns was the heroes using Eri’s quirk to return Togata Mirio’s quirk.

Fortunately, the catchphrase in the previous paragraph is “in the future.” Horikoshi seems to have shared our concerns, as we and the characters of “My Hero Academia” were shown in this chapter and the previous one [VIDEO] that Eri is too young and volatile to be able to use her quirk in a controllable manner.

What is going to happen to Eri remains to be seen for now, but leaving her on her own probably won’t be the choice anyone goes for, at least in the foreseeable future. One plausible scenario could be that she will undergo a lot of dedicated training, both mentally and physically, to up her control of her quirk and perhaps eventually become a hero, with a license and everything.

Nighteye’s foresight

A huge topic for debate currently, is Nighteye’s quirk, foresight. It was introduced and explained by him previously as a quirk that sees an unchangeable future, and so, we were led to believe that the outcomes Nighteye sees are absolute. But, and this is a huge but, they are not.

The future Nighteye saw had Chisaki kill Midoriya and take Eri back, but this future wasn’t the one we ended up with. This is a problem because it destroys the relevancy of Nighteye’s quirk, or to put it in better words, Nighteye’s foresight now doesn’t feel as impactful as it once was. One of the main issues in mangas in the Shonen genre is breaking previously established ground rules that the manga itself set, and it seems that this issue was carried over to “My Hero Academia” as well.

To be completely fair, there is a catch phrase here too. Nighteye’s foresight was presented to us by him and him alone. A consistent theme in “My Hero Academia” has been that most people, no matter their experience, don’t know all of the inner workings of their quirks. So generally, everyone just keeps on discovering more and more about their quirk as they continue to use it, and notably, Nighteye is one very special case of a person who decided to stop using his quirk to look into longer periods of time and opted for looking only a couple of seconds into the future. Thus, it could be argued that there are aspects to looking into the future that Nighteye still doesn’t understand, leading us to this outcome.

The League of Villains is officially here

This can’t really be considered a boss battle if we don’t get some League Of Villains action in the end, and it seems that we shall get some. Shigaraki, Dabi, and Mr. Compress finally show themselves, and their target this time seems to be Chisaki himself.

The end of yet another boss battle and chapter in “My Hero Academia” turned out not to be the actual end. The heroes have “won,” Eri is safe (temporarily), the Eight Precepts of Death are no more, and Nighteye and Midoriya aren’t dead, but this seemed to be a too-good-to-be-true ending for the heroes and us, readers, and Horikoshi managed to confirm our suspicions with the arrival of the remaining main force of the League of Villains. Chisaki’s transport seems to be guarded by quirkless-humans and against those three, there is very little ordinary people can do.