The latest “My Hero Academia” chapter is out and this chapter centers around Chisaki, the main villain of this arc. We get a theory regarding the origin of quirks, more insight into the reasoning behind Chisaki’s actions and at the end, what seems to be the conclusion of the fight between Midoriya and Chisaki.

Quirks’ origin?

This chapter opens with a theory of how quirks came about and how they started spreading through the population. That theory suggests that quirks were no more than a disease that affected mice and then spread through them to humans giving them the supernatural powers they now possess.

This is a very interesting approach because it aligns perfectly with why Chisaki wants to eliminate quirks from this world.


It gives him reason to think that quirks are nothing more than a disease and thus, requires curing.

Chisaki’s contradicting goals

As we already know, Chisaki was picked up by “Pop” of the Eight Precepts as a child and was taken care of until now. This gives birth to Chisaki’s first goal and that is to repay Pop for the kindness that he has shown Chisaki. His second goal is to “destroy this world, built on top of quirks,” with the reason being to cure the “disease” that has plagued today’s society.

Now, his goals themselves are not contradictory at all, but the way he goes about accomplishing each one puts his mental state into question.

To repay Pop, Chisaki’s plan is to use Eri’s ability to produce the quirk-erasing bullets that were used in Togata in bulk and sell them to villains. At the same time, they would also produce a serum that negates the effect of Eri’s powers and sell those to the heroes who are now are suffering from the effects of the quirk-erasing bullets. This would give the Eight Precepts the recognition Chisaki feels it deserves and thus, he would be pushing back the people who drove Pop into a corner.


To destroy the system of this world, Chisaki wants to use Eri on an even larger scale to completely eradicate quirks from existence, and return everything back to when there were no quirks, curing what he believes to be a disease.

One needn’t look too much to see how contradicting Chisaki’s goals are. He can’t possibly accomplish one without destroying the possibility of the other in succeeding. However, Chisaki actively pursues both goals without looking back, which again puts his mental state into question.

It is actually highly probable that Chisaki may be the reason for Pop’s condition right now, especially because of that last panel between Chisaki and Pop which showed Chisaki’s shadow cast on Pop as if he is approaching Pop to hurt him. Chisaki even says to Pop after that, “just shut up and watch.”

Midoriya at 100% Full Cowl

Despite the huge focus of this chapter on Chisaki, our green-haired MC managed to get some spotlight, and he seems to be doing great - going all in with All For One. And contrary to widespread concern, Midoriya is managing 100 percent Full Cowl quite well.


Chisaki doesn’t feel much of a threat to him right now.

Midoriya is easily overwhelming Chisaki in almost every aspect and with his analytical nature, he is now able to take advantage of the openings in Chisaki’s quirk. This leads to what seemed like a very successful direct hit on Chisaki from Midoriya at the end of the chapter, which could be pointing to the end of this fight.

Midoriya’s power-up doesn’t come cheaply though. Even though what we feared regarding Midroiya’s inexperience with 100% Full Cowl didn’t prove to be a concern, we still have Eri’s unpredictable present, and unlike what I felt concerned about in my review of the previous chapter, Eri’s unpredictability is having the opposite effect. She is using more, instead of less of her power, which is proving to be very hard for Midoriya to handle right now.

An Easter egg for the Orange Knucklehead Ninja’s fans

Intentional or not, Horikoshi surprised us this chapter with a nice reference to Naruto’s line to Sasuke in their first meeting in Shippuden. In that scene, Sasuke tells Naruto that if he kills him, he won’t be able to reach his dream of becoming Hokage, to which Naruto refutes that if he can’t even save one friend, how can he be Hokage?

Horikoshi borrowed that exact phrasing and applied it to Midoriya when he was delivering the last series of punches to Chisaki. And as said, be it intentional or not, it was nice to see something like that, especially since Kishimoto (creator of “Naruto”) previously mentioned in an interview that he is a fan of “My Hero Academia.”

For the first time in a while, it is looking very good for Midoriya. He has the upper hand in the fight and Chisaki doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about Midoriya’s increased speed and strength. It is two weeks to go for the next chapter as Horikoshi is taking a break to research. We will have to wait for the conclusion of this fight to come.