"Juuni Taisen" fourth episode just came out and this episode is all about the peaceful fighter, Monkey. Monkey, without a doubt, has been one of the most mysterious characters in this anime since the start, and in this episode, we finally got a chance to take a closer look at who she is.

This isn’t all that the episode of this, quite uncanny, anime presents. Unlike the previous three episodes, this one heavily focuses on the drive behind the warrior of the Monkey’s actions and even dives deeper into more complicated issues when her ideology clashes with her only ally in this series, rat.

More into Monkey’s mind and her actions

Monkey’s actions, since the start, haven’t been anything short of suspicious. A fighter who proposes a ceasefire in a death match, with an argument that is based on trust, is one of two things; a naïve person who just won themselves a ticket to their own death, or a cunning person with a hidden agenda.


Luckily for everyone participating in the "Juuni Taisen", Monkey turns out to be, as this episode reveals, the former.

Monkey is genuinely a peaceful fighter through and through. At the beginning of this episode, we get to see Monkey’s proclamation, that she plans to use her "talent" (more on her talent later). She wants to “use the power to transmute all things for the benefit of all things.” This, in and of itself, isn’t such a bad thing, but the problem is in its field of execution. Monkey became a warrior to eliminate the folly of killing from this world, but this is bound to prove to be very hard, if not nearly impossible, in the world she decided to use her talent in since “the path” of warriors is mainly based on fighting. The "Juuni Taisen" itself is a death match.

Monkey’s talent

The other warriors should make no mistake, Monkey is by no means a pushover, despite her peaceful nature and how she almost never resorts to violence.


At the very beginning of this episode we were shown Monkey’s “talent,” which, as was shown and described by her masters (three actual monkeys), Monkey’s talent is the ability to transmute any substance to any physical state at will.

This is probably one of the most powerful talents we have been shown in this series since the start, and even though we didn’t get to see the extent of her full power in terms of range, duration to activation and how freely she can manipulate substances, it is safe to assume that the other warriors should probably keep their distance when fighting Monkey.

This episode’s fight breaks out, but it isn’t physical

The main focus of this episode though was Monkey and Rat’s clash of ideologies. On one hand, Monkey believes in stopping wars through words, and on the other hand, Rat sees what Monkey stands for nothing more than delusions, and mere platitudes. Rat is no pacifist. Actually, he is quite the opposite. He sees peace as a human-numbing phenomenon and despises those he ends up saving by fighting.

Rat’s counterargument to Monkey’s ways is that, if she truly wishes to save more, it would be much more effective to simply end fights using sheer strength, this way, more end up getting saved, to which Monkey replies that this is her chosen way of doing things due to what she has lived through and experienced.

Despite Monkey’s seemingly solid resolve and being an acclaimed negotiator, she doesn’t really try much to convince Rat of her way of doing things, to the point where sometimes Monkey’s reasoning seems weak or perhaps a bit lacking, as if it was a spur of the moment choice, not something picked due to what she believes in. Yes, Rat told her upfront that he won’t be “reformed” by her, but it seemed like he was pushing to try to understand why she does what she does the way she does.

The beauty of 'Juuni Taisen'

Juuni Taisen continually proves to be a very entertaining show without sacrificing meaning or depth. The conflict presented in this episode was one of the best psychological deep dives that the series has offered since the start and it would be very interesting to see how this conversation affects both characters as the show progresses.

The first three episodes of Juuni Taisen tried to sell us on the idea that whenever a character’s history gets shown, it is the death flag for that character, and it has continuously, for three episodes, proven that it shall follow this pattern until they broke it this episode. The warrior of the Monkey lives to be seen in another episode, but perhaps not for long?

In the next episode we get to see the pacifist Monkey fight, and against no other than someone who, in a world “reformed” by Monkey, would struggle to survive, the warrior of the Rabbit.