"Inuyashiki" is perhaps the most eye-catching anime of the fall 2017 anime season. "Inuyashiki" is much more enjoyable than other fall 2017 anime such as "Black Clover," "Q Holder!: Mahou Sensei Negima! 2," and "Dies Irae."

This anime is about the lives of Inuyashiki Ichirou and Shishigami Hiro. At the beginning of "Inuyashiki," Ichirou, a man in his fifties, is living a miserable life. The first half of the episode is spent watching Ichirou being poorly treated by his wife and children. He does the best he can for his family, but they don't appreciate him at all.


After seeing how little his family cares about him, he's diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he's not even sure if his family will care about his newfound disease. Ichirou decides to go for a run to sort his feelings out, and unsuspectingly meets his end with Hiro in a hit and run by a UFO. Fortunately, the aliens were nice enough to put them back together as robots.

Inuyashiki and Shishigami

Inuyashiki Ichirou is a man that we can tell never had much confidence growing up. We learn this as we see how he reacts to difficult situations.

For instance, in the first episode, an older man was being bullied in a park by a gang of teenagers. Normally, Ichirou would never have the physical strength and courage to save the stranger, but he does because he's stronger now.

At first, Ichirou is afraid of what he has become. With time he learns to accept it. His confidence continues to grow with his transformation and he begins to help others that can't help themselves.

It's entertaining to see that Ichirou uses his robotic abilities for good, and he goes out of his way to help others.


He begins to cure people with all kinds of different diseases, disabilities, and more.

Although he does save people, he also fails to save a lot of people as well. Because of this, the audience is not always sure if Ichirou will be able to save the day. This makes the anime tense and surprising from time to time. I enjoy not being able to predict exactly what will happen in an anime.

Shishigami Hiro is a teenager that we are still learning about. Unlike Ichirou, Hiro uses his abilities mostly for himself.

However, rarely he'll use his powers for close friends or family. There's also the small fact that Hiro is a supervillain. He's turned into a serial killer after his transformation and kills families to feel alive.

Hiro's hobby is to go into a family's home and kill their whole family. I believe Hiro is doing this because of his own dissatisfaction with his family. Hiro's parents are divorced, and he lives with his mother in a shabby house. His father is living in a luxurious house with his second wife and children.

When Inuyashiki and Shishigami first meet, they are both frightened by each other because they know exactly what they are both capable of.


'Inuyashiki' the last hero

"Inuyashiki" is appealing to me because I've never seen a protagonist like Ichirou. He looks like a 90-year-old man, who's always sweating, gasping, yelling, and flailing. You can tell the protagonist has most likely never thrown a punch at anyone before becoming a machine. But it's so satisfying and amusing when Ichirou throws a weak, slow-moving punch that makes contact with a criminal, and he or she is sent twirling in the air like a flying ice skater.

Ichirou has also never felt happier in his life before becoming a machine. I believe this because of how different Ichirou has become since the beginning of the anime.

I've never seen a protagonist look as happy as Ichirou is when he save's someone's life. Ichirou falls down to his knees, smiles, and cries while thanking God for letting him save another person. This makes him feel like a believable person.

This anime is created using CGI. I know that this is a turn off for some anime fans especially after the release of that terrible new "Berserk" series. However, Inuyashiki's CGI is done really well. There are times when I forget I'm looking at CGI till the protagonist or antagonist's body transforms, revealing their mechanical bits.

'Inuyashiki' is one of the most entertaining anime this fall. It's difficult to wait patiently for every new episode because I just can't wait to find out what happens next. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.