Prior to the release of Dragon Ball Super” episode 115, there have been reports circulating that the anime series will be ending in March of next year. However, it was revealed that these reports were not true and terribly unfounded. The senseless fake news about the popular anime series caused fans to worry about its future.

The animated adaptation of Dragon Ball Super started airing in July 2015 and has already covered five story arcs. Its current arc, which is the Universe Survival Saga, is its most action-packed arc yet. The Universe Survival Saga started with Episode 77, which was released in February 2017.

While the Tournament of Power and the said saga still has a long way to go, the Japanese director and producer of “Dragon Ball Super” sat for an interview at a convention that was held in Spain.


The first director of the anime series, Kimitoshi Chioka, and current producer Hiroyuki Sakurada talked about the future of the anime, and other related projects.

Universe Survival Saga ends in March 2018

The most important things to note are that “Dragon Ball Super” is not ending in March next year, and there are no official information about its conclusion. Trusted fan sources such as Kanzenshuu and Geekdom101 have confirmed this as well and debunked the rumors. In fact, Chioka and Sakurada said that the future of the anime series is still uncertain because nothing has been set in stone.

They were asked about the possible total number of episodes of the anime, and answered that they honestly didn’t know.


However, Chioka did confirm that the Tournament of Power arc will be ending in March 2018, which means there’s still a lot of fights to cover in the ongoing battle royal.

Future of the anime series still looks bright

“Dragon Ball Super” is expected to last for a long time because it doesn’t just have high ratings, but its merchandise are widely popular, too. It was a different story for “Dragon Ball Z Kai” because even if it enjoyed good ratings, it wasn't making money.

Chioka and Sakurada admitted that if Akira Toriyama decides to stop “Dragon Ball Super,” Toei Animation will continue the series. It was revealed before that Toriyama has a huge say in the series, but Toei Animation also has some influence in it.


A good example was the introduction of Vegito Blue, who was not part of Toriyama’s original plan, but was added by Toei Animation. However, the two assured fans that Toriyama is still not done with his story.

When asked about the future of the “Dragon Ball” series, Chioka and Sakurada confirmed that there’s are still more to come for several years. Bottom line is, “Dragon Ball Super” is not ending in March 2018, and it’s not going to end anytime soon. Nothing in the interview said anything about the anime ending.

In addition, the rumored three "Dragon Ball" movies are still unconfirmed. However, the studio is expected to make huge announcements starting this December regarding the next arc of the anime, and other possible projects.