"Dragon Ball Super" Chapter 117 showed us Vegeta [VIDEO] attempting to ascend to the level of Ultra Instinct, believing that there is nothing Goku can achieve that he can not. However, Vegeta failed to achieve this state and was repeated by Katopesla.

Despite the resounding failure of Vegeta in trying to attain Ultra Instinct [VIDEO], Whis mentions an interesting fact that gives hope to fans of the Saiyan Prince. After Vegeta gets tired of being hit by his opponent, Whis states that Vegeta's style is more offensive and adapts more to that way of fighting.

After hearing these words, a theory has been created which mentions that Vegeta can effectively master Migatte no Gokui.

Facets of the new transformation

For those who do not know, Ultra Instinct has different phases.


Son Goku has gone through two distinct phases, once with Jiren and the other with Kefla. However, neither of these phases is a mastered form, each missing key characteristics that are required for this form to be formidable in battle with Jiren.

  • Phase 1: In his battle with Jiren, Goku mastered the defensive and offensive style of the Ultra Instinct, although he did not control the transformation, but was guided only by his instinct.
  • Phase 2: Against Kefla, Goku controlled the Ultra Instinct, although only on his defensive side, so his attacks lacked strength. This is counterproductive since it is useless to dodge all attacks if you can not defeat the enemy.

The Ultra Instinct of Vegeta

Thanks to the words of Whis, a theory has been created which mentions that Vegeta will be able to master Ultra Instinct in the offensive aspect, opposite of what we saw in Goku during his fight against Kefla.


The theory does not have official foundations since to master any facet of Ultra Instinct is practically impossible for Vegeta at the moment. It is worth mentioning that this theory does not mention that Vegeta will master it in the Tournament of the Power, possibly mastering this state in a future saga.

To personal taste, we believe that Vegeta will not master the Ultra Instinct since to do so it would require him to experience a situation of extreme danger similar to what Goku experienced. Without something to push him past his limits, Vegeta will not be able to access the "Migatte no Gokui" and, consequently, he will not be able to use any facet of this transformation.

For the moment, this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, I will be communicating it as quickly as possible.