"Dragon Ball Super" once again showed an intense match in its latest episode. Everyone saw the power of Kefla as she tried to defeat Goku. The Universe 6 fused warrior has an edge over the Universe 7 Saiyan as Goku is still recovering from his fight with Jiren. Despite that condition, Goku managed to turn Super Saiyan Red and Super Saiyan Blue. But it wasn't enough to bring Kefla down.

The fusion of Kale and Caulifla resulted in a very strong warrior that even Goku found challenging to defeat.

Every fighter in the arena could feel her energy. Even Jiren, who is meditating, could sense Kefla's energy. But how long could Kefla overpower Goku?

Ultra Instinct's return

In the recent match, fans of "Dragon Ball Super" were hyped when Goku suddenly became Ultra Instinct again.


Kefla thought that she could eliminate Goku but as she threw a barrage of energy blasts at the Universe 7 Saiyan, he was able to avoid all of them. Kefla was surprised when she saw Goku's eyes turn silver.

This time, they realized that the Ultra Instinct was back after Goku got that form while fighting with Jiren. Whis said that Goku broke through the shell [VIDEO] once again. Beerus was excited to see what Ultra Instinct Goku could offer and how he would defeat Kefla.

Kelfa and Universe 6 will be eliminated?

The next spoilers for episode 117 onwards don't mention anything about Kefla. It appears that she will be eliminated through Goku's Ultra Instinct. The fused Saiyan is no match for Goku when he is in that state since he is already on the level of the Gods of Destruction. Even Jiren had a hard time dealing with Goku in that state.


With that, it is apparent that Kefla will be defeated.

Aside from that, spoilers for episode 116 titled "The Sign of the Comeback! Ultra Instinct's Huge Explosion!" reveals that Goku will hit Kefla with a Kamehameha at point blank range. This means that Kefla won't make it to the end of the Tournament of Power.

With that, Universe 6 will just rely on the two Namekians, Saoneru and Pirina, who are fighting Gohan and Piccolo. It is noted that they have lost Cabba and Hit as well as the other fighters. The elimination of Kefla [VIDEO] will mean that Universe 6 has a small chance of winning.

Other spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" reveal that Universe 2 will be erased next while Universe 4 will begin their attacks. The other universes will take advantage of Goku once again as he has lost a lot of stamina while fighting Kefla. However, Android 17 and 18 will be facing the Universe 2 warriors which will mean that their fight in the Tournament of Power is about to end.