Even though Goku unconsciously reached his Ultra Instinct form (Ep. 110), he’s way out of the league of the most powerful warrior of Team Universe 11, Jiren the Gray. Eventually, Jiren prevailed, though he failed to eliminate Goku in the ongoing Tournament of Power on “Dragon Ball Super.”

The second meeting between Goku and Jiren is expected to happen in the coming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super” as the time nears expiration. Still unable to muster his newfound power, there’s a big change that Goku could finally be eliminated if he is to face Jiren again, even in his Ultra Instinct form.


But what if Vegeta, who is coming closer to Ultra Instinct form, is to help Goku?

Goku’s Ultra Instinct form

With his new power, Goku was able to keep pace with Jiren though he wasn’t able to do any damage. On top of that, Goku seems to have problems keeping up his newfound power. Later, it became visible during the fight against Kefla that Goku was only able to muster the defensive form of his new power.

While Goku was able to dodge Kefka's attacks, his attacks could barely make a scratch against the product of Kale and Caulifla’s fusion.

Running low on stamina, Goku decided to bring the fight closer so he can attack Kefla, who is now on her Super Saiyan 2 form, using his Kamehameha. Alas, Kefla was defeated.

Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct form

In the last episode (Ep. 117) of “Dragon Ball Super,” Vegeta faced police officer Katopesia of Universe 4. Desperate to awaken his Ultra Instinct, he allowed Katopesia, who has become 300 times stronger after transforming into his battle mode, to attack him, “Perhaps Vegeta may be trying to attain Ultra Instinct too,” Whis thought of Vegeta’s plan.


But the plan failed. Growing tired of getting beaten and still unable to reach into his Ultra Instinct form, Vegeta countered and defeated Katopesia. After seeing how Vegeta destroyed his opponent, Whis suggested that the Saiyan prince is better when attacking.

Goku and Vegeta vs. Jiren

With only 15 minutes left before the set time for the Tournament of Power expires, an all-out battle is expected to happen in the coming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” And based on the latest development, one theory stands out from the rest: the next battle between Goku and Jiren will include Vegeta.

Facing the strongest member of Team Universe 11 that even a God of Destruction cannot beat in one-on-one combat, Goku needs more than his defensive Ultra Instinct form in order to beat Jiren – he needs to attack.

Somebody needs to retaliate and push Jiren out of the ring in order to win, and in his current state, Goku certainly cannot reach the full potential on his newfound form.

This is where the theory of Goku and Vegeta vs. Jiren could come in. As suggested by Whis, Vegeta doing the offense is more effective rather than his defense. As “Dragon Ball” fans would like to believe, Vegeta’s Ultra Instinct form is opposite that of Goku’s. Seeing Goku teaming up with Vegeta against Jiren is something to look forward to in the coming weeks.