In previous episodes of "Dragon Ball Super", we observed how Vegeta, who is currently the strongest warrior in Universe 7 with Goku low on energy, had the intention of attacking Jiren in order to verify how powerful he is. However, before being able to approach Jiren, Toppo stopped Vegeta.

The prince of the Saiyans of Universe 7 does not tolerate being second place. and did not hesitate to confront Jiren. This is somewhat odd because Vegeta's level is below that of Son Goku, and with the Kaioken increased 20 times, he has virtually no chance at defeating Jiren.


Vegeta's strategy

Vegeta is a proud character and he is not afraid of anything. However, the Saiyan Prince knows when he cannot defeat an enemy, and unlike Goku, he is one of the most intelligent characters. However, we believe that Vegeta will not go in search of a battle with Jiren without a plan. Vegeta's goal might not be to defeat Jiren but to look for weakness in the mighty warrior.

Vegeta knows perfectly well that he has no chance of defeating Jiren, because their powers are at different levels, the prince being far below the powerful warrior justice.

However, Vegeta knows that if they do not defeat Jiren, Universe 7 will be erased along with Bulma and their two children. Considering this, Vegeta would either have a plan to defeat Jiren or find a weakness that another warrior could exploit.

Can Vegeta defeat Jiren?

In terms of strength, Vegeta has no chance of defeating Jiren. Both characters, while powerful, are on totally different levels considering Jiren is more powerful than a God of Destruction. However, Vegeta is a great strategist, so he could embarrass Jiren.


Still, we believe that no strategy will suffice to defeat this character, since Hit possessed extremely complex techniques, and yet he was easily defeated by Jiren.

While many wish to see a battle between Vegeta and Jiren, we believe that we will not see this battle, as Toppo interrupted Vegeta before he could face him. Surely Vegeta will have to deal with Toppo until Goku recovers and can fight against Jiren once again. Otherwise, Universe 7 has no chance of winning the Tournament of Power.

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