It’s just a matter of time before Vegeta reaches the new form known as Ultra Instinct in “Dragon Ball Super.” After seeing Goku dipped into his newfound power, Vegeta now has something to look forward to. With mostly the powerful of warriors left on the Tournament of Power, can Vegeta reach the Ultra Instinct form [VIDEO] in time?

Vegeta watched as Goku transformed into the highest form of power not even gods can easily attain. His movements were calculated, dodging each and every attack of Kefla.

He then remembered what Whis has told them during training.

Avoiding danger

When they were training in Beerus-sama’s world, Whis told them that even though they were Super Saiyans, their speed is being limited, especially Vegeta. What Whis explained, is that it takes time for senses and commands to reach the brain.


He said, "You need to teach every part of your bodies to respond on their own. But it’s not an easy task."

The Angel of Universe 7 even revealed that even Beerus-sama has not mastered this fighting style. But as what Whis said, “If you can overcome it, you will be able to avoid any danger.” And so Goku was able to evade the unrelenting attacks of Kefla.

Prelude to Ultra Instinct

It was during the critical attacks from Kefla when Goku transformed into Ultra Instinct form in Episode 15 of “Dragon Ball Super.” Dodging Kefla’s attacks, Goku eventually landed his final Kamehameha attack to eliminate the two Saiyans of Universe 6. But everyone knows it – even Goku knows – he’ll surely lose if he missed his target as his stamina is way too low due to multiple battles he earlier fought.

But not Vegeta; in fact, he has not faced any real danger in the ongoing Tournament of Power.


He did not even lend his energy when Goku powered up for a Spirit Bomb against Jiren (Ep. 9). As of the last episode, Vegeta was still fighting the leader of the Pride Troopers, Toppo, who is also the second most powerful warrior of Universe 11, until the effects of Goku and Kefla’s power-up forced them to retreat.

Vegeta to reach Ultra Instinct

Vegeta transforming into his Ultra Instinct form may not happen next episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” “Great Battle of Love! Androids vs Universe 2!!” even though the Saiyan race prince is itching of battling the most powerful warrior. So what could trigger Vegeta’s desire to reach the Ultra Instinct form?

As some fan theories would suggest, Vegeta would find himself helping Goku and the Androids in their battle against Universe 2. Accordingly, Ribrianne and the remaining members of Team Universe 2 will attack the helpless Goku. But while Android 17 and 18 will come to the rescue, their powers may not be enough to subdue them all.

Perhaps the most awaited rematch between Goku and Jiren [VIDEO] will start with Vegeta. In what appears to have become the show’s trend, Vegeta somehow finds himself the first person to face the enemy before the biggest fight against Goku. And since Goku’s stamina is too low, Vegeta, in Ultra Instinct form fighting Jiren, will buy Goku some time to reenergize.