A lot of things happened during the first half of the Tournament of Power. Among these events, we’ve got the unfortunate eliminations of two Universes from existence after having all their contenders defeated.Frost was also erased after attempting to attack Frieza from outside the arena. Also, everyone marveled at the divine power of Jiren the Grey from Universe 11, while facing the protagonist of the series. Also the strongest warrior from Universe 6, the well-known legendary assassin Hit was eliminated. And on top of all of this, Son Goku has managed to unlock the ultra-instinct the Gods can barely handle.

The best warrior

The beginning of the second half of the Tournament of Power begins with many warriors already eliminated.


In fact, there are only 28 contenders left in the arena fighting for the survival of their Universes. Considering all situations we can confidentially say that Vegeta, the Prince of the Saiyans, from Universe 7, could be the strongest of them all. At least his statistics say so since he has 6 eliminations, 2 more than the ones harvested by Android 18 and the former emperor Frieza. Muten Roshi and Cabba are in 3rd place with just 3 eliminations before being taken out of the arena.

Jiren, the actual strongest warrior in the arena (who is actually meditating and not fighting), has eliminated both Maji Kayo and Hit, and Son Goku did the same with Chappil and Comfrey.

More details on the Prince of the Saiyan

Although the amazing amount of eliminations his stats indicate, it would seem that Vegeta hasn’t been given the proper share of attention in this Tournament of Power yet.


And though we may be seeing him quite often, he didn’t receive the same treatment other warriors such as Goku, Hit or even Jiren had. In fact, in some situations, he has been shown as an egocentric warrior that only cares about his own interests. The fans of the Prince of the Saiyans are still expecting to see him in real action, unleashing his true power and the results of his training in the Hyperbolic Chamber in the next few episodes of the popular anime.

What’s to come?

Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super” will be released on November the 5th and its title will be “The birthing of a new Super Warrior”. In it, we will see Goku facing the fusion between Caulifla and Kale. Here we leave you a video:

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