The heavily speculated Mystery Warrior in “Dragon Ball Super” is finally revealed. Since the toy figures for the popular anime series was teased online, fans have been giving their predictions on who could be the character behind the blackout silhouette of the toy figure. The revelation came just in time after the official airing of the series’ 115th episode. So far, there are only 19 minutes left before the hotly contested Tournament of Power will come to an end. Fans are expecting that the upcoming episodes will be more explosive and intense compared to the episodes during the first half of the Tournament of Power.

Mystery solved

On his official Twitter account, popular anime content creator and translator Ken Xyro [VIDEO]shared the images unveiling the identity of the Mysterious Warrior.

In the past, many fans predicted that the new Mysterious Warrior could be Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray. Some others claimed it might be Vegito. Apparently, the new Warrior is the secret weapon of Universe 6. She is also the new super warrior teased and revealed in Episode 114 of “Dragon Ball Super.” The Mysterious Warrior is the product of the fusion of the powerful Saiyans Caulifla and Kale. It is now clear that the blackout silhouette shared online was just a placeholder. Fans can now start collecting these toy figures from their favorite anime series.

Kefla’s contribution

Caulifla and Kale have been Goku’s students in the previous episodes of the popular anime series [VIDEO]. Because of Caulifla’s desire to reach another power level, she did her best to have Son Goku fight her.

She was soon joined by her protégé Kale in the battle as they both aggressively fight their opponent and mentor. Later, they fused and gave birth to a powerful super warrior named Kefla.

As Son Goku continues to fight this strong and unbelievably powerful fighter, he was able to reach his higher power level. In fact, in the previous episodes, he tapped his Super Saiyan God form and even his Super Saiyan Blue form. Interestingly, as the fan-favorite Saiyan raises his power level and form, Kefla also raises her power level. The unbelievable power ascension appears to be unending. In Episode 115, Kefla fired an attack that defeated Super Saiyan Blue form of Goku. The attack was too powerful that Goku reverted to his base form. He later reached his Ultra-Instinct form and easily dodged numerous attacks from his opponent.

Kefla has been instrumental in Goku’s achievement of Ultra-Instinct. In the upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans will witness Ultra-Instinct Goku against the powerful Kefla. Episode 116 is scheduled to air on November 19.