The next chapters of "Dragon Ball Super" will be of great importance since fans will once again see Goku attain Ultra Instinct while fighting Kefla, who has been rumored to defeat Son Goku in his Super Saiyan Blue form. On the other hand, Jiren continues meditating, so he will not go into action for the time being.

A few hours ago, a new summary of Episode 116 was revealed, in which we will see how Goku fights against Kefla using the Ultra Instinct state. However, his new form will once again be temporary since Goku still has not mastered this new transformation.


Episode 116

Despite being transformed into Super Saiyan Blue, Goku is trapped by Kefla, who attacks with powerful blows. In that moment of tension in which Goku finds himself trapped, Ultra Instinct reappears.

Goku uses the situation to successfully reach the Ultra instinct state once more. Jiren, the most powerful warrior in the tournament is meditating and feels the presence of Goku, so he is interested in fighting against him again.

As you can see, Goku's ultra instinct will return in this episode, so Chapter 115 will serve as a transition between the appearance of the technique elusive to even the gods of Destruction.

On the other hand, Jiren will react after seeing the great power of Goku once again in action, although it is not specified if he will interrupt his meditation to fight against Goku.

The truth behind Jiren's meditation

Upon seeing this summary, we realized that Jiren did not eliminate Goku on purpose. What we mean is that after defeating Hit, Jiren could have looked for Goku and easily eliminated him from the tournament but chose to not do so. After this, the powerful warrior of the Universe 11 began to meditate.


From our perspective, Jiren left Goku in the tournament for a particular reason, more than likely because he considers the Saiyans interesting and the only ones who can possibly rival his power.

Considering this, I believe Jiren did not eliminate Goku from the tournament in hopes that the Goku learns to control this great power he possesses and then have an incredible battle. In order to avoid being surpassed, Jiren began to meditate to focus his energy to then use it in a better way in the final battle against Son Goku.

It should be noted that the latter is a speculation based on the summary of Episode 116, so it must be taken with discretion.

At the moment this has been the latest news of the "Dragon Ball" universe. If there is more, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.