The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” has become more interesting because of the Tournament of Power. While the saga still follows the structure of the plot from the Z series, the introduction of new characters makes this series a lot more fun. This includes the extremely powerful fighter from Universe 11, Jiren the Grey, and the goddess of love with impressive power named Ribrianne from Universe 2 is also an interesting addition to the roster of characters from another participating universe. Fans witnessed intense fights and a variety of skills and abilities from these new characters, making the series more exciting to watch.


New theory

A few weeks ago, the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” finished its first half. While most fans are excited and looking forward to the ultimate winner by the end of the tournament, there are several who doubt it. A new theory recently surfaced online claiming that the tournament will soon be stopped. It will no longer reach the end and no winner will be proclaimed. The theory is a dark one that foreshadows the heavily speculated uprising against the gods.

According to this claim, it is surprising that the big fights all happened during the first half.

The theory argues that usually, the best battles are reserved for the second half with the winner declared at the end. There are many powerful fighters that were eliminated during the first half, including two strong characters from Universe 6, Cabba and the Legendary Assassin, Hit. While it acknowledges that there are other interesting characters left in the tournament, it also underlines the fact that battles usually consume a minute of the tournament’s time.

Other details

Granting that the battles between important characters happened in the tournament, the theory suggests that the most that it could take is between 5 and 8 minutes.


According to the theory, should the remaining characters fight in the arena, there will still be around 12 to 15 minutes left for the Grand Priest to announce the winner, if ever it happens.

The theory predicts that something terrible will happen in the tournament that will shake the World of the Void. Jiren’s move of meditating while the tournament is still ongoing might be preparation for something horrible that is going to happen. This could also be the reason why he did not eliminate Goku.

Things to consider

While the theory is possible, there are several things that it fails to consider.

While it is true that Goku was not eliminated, he can help along with other fighters, should a terrible thing happen in the World of the Void. The introduction of Kefura could also consume more tournament minutes, as fans think Goku is given more time to fight to achieve the fullness of his new form. Vegeta is still there and his fight with Toppo could potentially lead to another twist in the plot. Moreover, there are 6 participating universes left and all of them have fighters in the arena. Damom and his twin have not yet appeared in the tournament, along with Paparoni who is believed to have control over the robotic fighters.


There are many things to consider and the 22 minutes could be just enough for these things to unfold. However, knowing Akira Toriyama’s style, it is highly possible that the Tournament of Power could be stopped. We will only know if this theory is accurate as “Dragon Ball Super” progresses.