Dragon Ball Super” just aired its 115th episode during the weekend, which focused on the battle of the Saiyans once again. Fusion Kafla’s face-off with Goku went over the top when the girl transformed into Super Saiyan. Beerus was furious and accused his twin brother Champa of cheating as the Grand Priest said that fusions are certainly not allowed in the Tournament of Power. However, the Zeno was thrilled seeing the warriors’ fight against each other using their immeasurable powers. What’s more interesting was that Goku went Ultra Instinct despite his waning energy after his grueling battle with Jiren The Grey.


Kafla knocks SSB Goku out

DuringDragon Ball Super episode 115, fans watched Kafla and Goku faced off. The girl surprised the hero when she gave him a surprising and powerful kick after she transported behind him. It was so powerful it knocked the Universe 7 warrior out of his Super Saiyan Blue form. Kafla took everyone by surprise when she did that and started to get thrilled as she was looking forward to her victory against Goku. However, the hero was no pushover and he stood up after the fusion warrior knocked him down.

Ultra Instinct makes a comeback

Kafla tried to attack Goku with her powerful energy blasts in an attempt to finish him off and finally win the battle. However, the hero steered clear of the attacks with his eyes closed and that put everyone in awe and silver aura started to surround him. Kafla though did not expect Goku to shun all the blasts and tried to throw more attacks, but when the U7 warrior opened his eyes, he had transformed into Ultra Instinct. Everyone was surprised that he was able to transform without a moment’s warning, but Whis said that Goku went beyond his limits and that made him go UI.


SSJ vs Ultra Instinct

Some fans are not thrilled with the idea that the Kale and Caulifla fusion was able to challenge Goku and make him go Ultra Instinct. For them, Kafla was given too much power in that it easily kicked the hero out of his Super Saiyan Blue form and even made him transform into UI. However, it can be recalled that Cabba sacrificed himself to fight against Monna of Universe 4 just to save the girls’ stamina for future battles. He said that they are the team’s secret weapon, which was proven when the powerful fusion took place.

“Dragon Ball Super” episode 116 titled “The Comeback Omen! Ultra Instinct’s Great Explosion!!” is slated to air on November 16. Don’t miss it!