The current Tournament of Power in the ''Dragon Ball Super'' series continues to generate many expectations. During the last days, several theories have been developed related to the tremendous and unparalleled power of the alien of the Universe 11 called Jiren, which had no problems defeating the powerful hitman better known as Hit, nor Son Goku.

It is worth mentioning that when the Z warrior resorted to the powerful transformation known as the Ultra Instinct, Jiren managed to fight him without confronting any trouble. From what we have seen in the last episodes of the Japanese series, the "Migatte No Gokui" would not be enough to defeat Universe 11 and doubts arise, as to how the Universe of Bills will manage to defeat the Clown God team.


One of the most epic scenes of the "Dragon Ball Super" was the fight between Jiren and Goku. Even the great battle between Hit and Jiren was popular. However, the first has no comparison. It is apparent that Jiren has surprised fans by becoming an interesting character because of his power.

Given the way Jiren defeated two powerful opponents in the Tournament of Power, fans and followers of the Japanese series are in a limbo. But, what is behind the amazing power of Jiren?

Here's everything we now know about the latest revelations in the "Dragon Ball Super" series.

The secret behind Jiren's power

Recently, Toyotaro came out with new revelations regarding Jiren’s Power level and some kind of secret about him.


As revealed by the Illustrator of the Japanese animated TV series, the powerful character will continue to surprise all the ''Dragon Ball'' fans in the upcoming episodes of the series. As stated by the Illustrator, there is a hidden and mysterious secret that makes this warrior stronger than the rest of the participants in the current Tournament of Power of ''Dragon Ball Super."

According to new information emerging from different social networks in Japan, one of the main powers behind Jiren's power is based on his stamina.

It is worth mentioning that every attack this mysterious and powerful character encounters with his opponents makes him stronger. This is something very similar to what happened with Zamasu's merge better known in the past series as Black Masu or Goku Black.


Additional information

The titles and the synopsis of episodes 117 and 118 have also been revealed. The next episode titled "Showdown of Love! Androids vs. Universe 2" will show the battle between the warriors of Universes 2 and 7. The U2 team has five surviving wrestlers at this time, including Brianne de Chateau, who wishes to win the tournament for everyone to admire her.

This is all the information known so far. Keep enjoying the show, and stay tuned for more updates as they become available.