The Tournament of Power is reaching decisive stages as there are only 15 minutes left before its conclusion. The last episodes have been made for the elimination of two particular Universes: The 2nd and the 6th.

Universe 2 has lost Rozie and Ribrianne

As we have seen on episode 117 of Dragon Ball Super,” Universe 2 [VIDEO]has no real chance of winning now, since its 2 most powerful warriors have been eliminated. 3 fighters from this Universe remain in the arena, yet we don’t expect much from them.

The same thing happens with Universe 6, since they only have the Namekians Saoneru and Pirina to fight for their survival. In conclusion, these 2 Universes are pretty much doomed, but this doesn’t mean that we are not going to see plenty of action in the next episode!.


It seems that episode 118 will focus on the battle between Gohan, his mentor Piccolo, Saoneru, and Pirina. Will Universe 6 be erased in this episode?. Everything points in this direction, but it would seem that this is not the only relevant news regarding this episode. It seems that Gohan will go all in and unleash his full potential. In other words, Ultimate Gohan is back!

We know that he has retrieved his definite stage before The Tournament of Power begun, and that he has yet to use it in the contest. Now, as the preview shows, we are certain of this and he will be unleashing his true power soon. As he has received a lot of criticism during the tournament, it’s about time Gohan shows his true fighting skills.

In depth details

It seems that Goku’s son has been saving his power for the last minute and that he will need it to beat the Namekians in the next episode.Hhe hasn’t been a relevant character so far in the Tournament and, in fact, in all of DBS, it’s time to please Gohan’s fans.


Are you interested in seeing Gohan growing stronger in the Tournament of Power?

Without a doubt, we know that he will not be eliminated in the next episodes of the series and with only 15 minutes left before the contest is over, it’s about time to see Goku’s son true potential.

Episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on December 3. It will feature the showdown between Saonil and Pirina of Universe 6 against Piccolo and Gohan of Universe 7. Fans are expecting that it will showcase another universe being erased from the multiverse after all of its fighters are eliminated in the Tournament of Power.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available, as we wait for the next episode of "Dragon Ball Super."