"Dragon Ball Super" episode 115 has just dropped as it showcased the epic battle between Son Goku and the fused version of Kale and Caulifla known as Kefla. While most fans watch this awesome Saiyan scuffle unfold, there are some who discovered something quite interesting over on social media.

New Angel?

Anime pundit Ken Xyro recently took to Twitter to reveal what he came across in a Japanese show dubbed the "JUMPolice." Xyro posted a screenshot from the show where it featured rough sketches of the Angels of the different universes.

Among these sketches, he took notice of an Angel character which he believes has not graced the show nor the Manga series.

Named as Makgeolla (though pronounced as Makkora), Xyro speculated that this could be a pun on the Korean rice/wheat liquor known as Makgeolli.


The anime buff is not sure though if the Angel is from the erased universes or just one of the rejected characters.

However, Xyro went on, stating that he's "leaning towards it being a new character" as he pointed out that these sketches were in front of Toyotaro's desk while the Mangaka is working on a new draft for the current chapter of the Manga.

Ultra Instinct stage 2?

Meanwhile, the preview for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 116 was teased right after 115.


From the looks of it, Son Goku will be gaining the upper hand this time now that his ultra instinct state will be triggered yet again. It also hinted that the protagonist's so-called mastery of self-movement will be upped to another level as it can also be seen from the teaser that Jiren will be awakened by it.

That being said, some fans believe that the Ultra Instinct state [VIDEO] could reach certain stages similar to the Super Saiyan form. The faithful pointed out the teaser image that was rolled out back in August featuring Son Goku's back with the hero donning a blue and red aura.

The first time the Ultra Instinct state was seen by fans, it was noticed that Goku only emitted the blue aura, not to mention that his clothes were not yet torn at this point. This gave fans an impression that the Ultra Instinct during the hero's first encounter against Jiren could only be just half of its full potential.

Additionally, Goku's instinctive fighting state is not just called Ultra Instinct [VIDEO] Goku, but Ultra Instinct Omen meaning that this could be a sign of the things that could ensue in Son Goku's new found strength. Episode 116 of "Dragon Ball Super is slated to air on November 19. Check out a video about the anime here: