The much-awaited return of Goku’s newfound Ultra Instinct form will finally happen in the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super.” With Goku’s power awakened, Jiren will be disturbed from his deep meditation.

The rematch between Goku and Jiren may not take place in the next episode, “The Signs of a Comeback! Ultra Instinct's Huge Explosion!!” However, with Goku’s desire to fight the most powerful warrior in the 12 Universes, the battle between the two warriors is inevitable. But how powerful Jiren really is?

The story of Jiren

While Jiren has already fought Goku back at Episode 109, we still haven’t seen his full power.

A member of the Pride Troopers, Jiren is considered to be the strongest member of Team Universe 11. He is also believed to be even more powerful than some Gods of Destruction.

In a recent tweet from Yonkou Productions, they teased that Toyotaro, the anointed successor of Akira Toriyama and the illustrator of the “Dragon Ball Super” manga version, has come up with the idea to introduce a story for Jiren and the reason he is fighting:

Goku defeats Jiren

Interpreting the message of Toyotaro, the first line seems to be words that will come out from Jiren’s mouth in one of the upcoming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” As posted by Toyotaro, “I'll be losing this time as well (laughs),” could be interpreted as Goku able to beat Jiren in their next match.


The second line has a little bit of resentment as to whoever said it. But since Toyotaro’s teasers are all about Jiren, then it’s a no-brainer he will be uttering these words. Plus, Goku is known to talk to his opponents before, during, and after their fight, and then they become friends (Frieza and Cell’s cases are different).

Manga bigger than anime

Toyotaro also revealed that the story will somehow be different from the “Dragon Ball Super” manga compared to its anime version. Though Toyotaro did not elaborate the differences, it seems the manga version will have bigger stories to tell than its anime counterpart.


According to Comic Book, the manga version “Dragon Ball Super” might dig deep into the story of Universal Survival and tell the stories of important characters as part of the transition. This can be related to how the writers have expanded the story of Zamasu and Gowasu.

One possible scenario could be the formation of the Pride Troopers, which is referred to as the good counterpart of the Ginyu Force from Goku’s side of the galaxy, Universe 7. From there, the next manga chapters of “Dragon Ball Super” could be dedicated as to how Jiren became a member of the Pride Troopers and becomes the most powerful warrior in Universe 11.

According to legends, Jiren can first on an equal footing, albeit, even stronger than their own God of Destruction, Belmod. But how Jiren managed to get to reach that level will be a good story to tell, possibly telling the story to Goku himself. And then perhaps, Goku could ask him for another friendly match.