The most recent issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has brought with it the synopsis of Episode 118 of "Dragon Ball Super," which will air on December 3.

17 minutes remain before the Tournament of Power ends and a new confrontation has arisen between the androids of Universe 7 and Universe 2. The remaining warriors of Universe 6 are also still in the fight. Which Universe will be the next to disappear?

Synopsis of Episode 118 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Title: "Approaching the tragedy, a Universe disappears. The hard fight of Piccolo and Gohan!"

Date of transmission: December 3.

Synopsis: Gohan and Piccolo fight against the desperate attacks of the last two members of the Universe 6 team, Saonel and Pirina! Piccolo thinks of an attack method, which his opponents will not wait for.


Furious at being stripped of his pleasure, Frieza tries to attack Zarbuto and the others who are paralyzed. However, Frieza is enraged when Goku hits Zarbuto and the rest out of the arena with a Kamehameha.

This time the episode title coincides with that provided a few weeks ago by the magazine Animedia. In this summary, it is not known if No.17 and No.18 have managed to beat Ribrianne and Rozie. It is announced that Frieza aims at the rest of Universe 2 (Zarbuto, Ranbara, and Zirloin), but these will be taken out of bounds by a Kamehameha from Goku.

Other details

On the other hand, Piccolo and Gohan will continue their fight against the final warriors of Universe 6, Saonel and Pirina. Given the circumstances, Universe 6 is also in danger of being eliminated, since it only has two warriors after Goku will eliminate Caulifla and Kale, so this confrontation against Piccolo and Gohan will be decisive.


It is difficult to know and it is very hasty to say which universe will disappear in this episode and very possibly it will remain a secret until the episode airs.

Without further ado, we remind you that this weekend will be broadcast Episode 117, which will start a new confrontation between the androids No. 17 and No. 18 against Ribrianne and Rozie, which is the rest of the team from Universe 2. They will be present when attacking Son Goku, who after accessing the Ultra Instinct for the second time, has again run out of energy.

Meanwhile, Episode 117 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to officially air on November 26. It will feature Son Goku after his win against the super warrior Kefla.


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