"Dragon Ball Super" episode 116 released on November 18, revealed new information about Ultra Instinct, the new transformation of Goku. This form is mastered by only the Angels, and it has been stated that even the Gods of Destruction have problems perfecting this state. Still, Son Goku, the Saiyan of Universe 7, can access this state for a short period of time.

The Angel of Universe 7, Whis, revealed that Goku seems to have mastered the aspects of dodging attacks and defensive techniques but not the offensive side of combat.


The problem Goku is having is that instead of attacking instinctively he is still thinking about how to attack his opponent, causing his attacks to lose their potency. In this state, Son Goku's attacks are seemingly impossible to avoid but with limited damage inflicted.

Evolution of Ultra Instinct

Everything indicates that Goku will go through different stages before completely mastering Ultra Instinct. The first time that Goku fought using this state was against Jiren, where he seemed to be in a trance and unaware of his actions.

Although he did not master the technique at all, it took over control of Son Goku and resulted in more instinctual and effective attacks.

The second time was against Kefla in episode 116 and unlike the battle against Jiren, Goku was aware of his actions, which limited his attacks. The Saiyan dodged all of Kefla's attacks, but his own attacks lacked strength, which could bring him problems. Before Goku could better understand Ultra Instinct, he ran out of energy.


The first stage of the ultra instinct seen in the battle with Jiren, you could say, was the most effective because both his defense and his attacks were perfect.


However, Goku was unconscious, which is not ideal since he is being controlled by the form, so we deduce that this is not the best version of the "Migatte no Gokui".

The second stage (the one we saw in the battle against Kefura) is more limited, although Goku had some control over his new transformation.

The third stage could be one in which Goku can master moving unconsciously, both when attacking and defending, but without entering the same trance he did originally. We infer that this third stage would be the ideal, although there could be more levels of this form.

The fourth and final stage would be perfecting, in which Goku is aware of the division of mind and body, controlling his energy and movements despite doing so unconsciously. The latter seems contradictory, although it is based on statements made by Whis, who is a known master of the technique.

For the moment this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it immediately.