The next episode (Ep. 118) of “Dragon Ball Super” poses quite an interesting title, “Accelerated Tragedy Vanishing Universes...” As what many spoilers and fan theories believe, at least two more universes will be eliminated in the next episode.

Represented by ten warriors each, the Tournament of Power is a battle royal composed of 80 powerful warriors from eight universes. So far, a total of 56 warriors were eliminated in the Tournament of Power, while two universes were already erased from existence after all ten of their representatives were eliminated: Universe 9 and 10.

Who are the remaining warriors still battling to retain their respective universes when “Dragon Ball Super” returns this Saturday for Episode 118? What’s more, which teams will get eliminated next?

Few warriors remaining

During the last two episodes, four powerful warriors from two teams were eliminated, putting their respective universes on the brink of being erased from existence.


Universe 6’s Caulifla and Kale’s fusion, which produced the powerful Kefla, was eliminated by Goku on his Ultra Instinct form, bringing down their number to 2: Namekians’ Pirina and Saonel.

In the last episode, Rozie and Ribrianne of Universe 2 were eliminated by Android Nos. 17 and 18, respectively. With their elimination, their numbers dwindle down to three: Zarbuto, Rabanra, and Zirloin. Two other universes only have three warriors left in the Tournament of Power: Universe 4 and 11.

The remaining warriors for Team Universe 4 are Damom, Gamisaras, and Shantsa. However, only Damom is visible in the Tournament of Power arena while the two other warriors cannot be found; not even on the GodPads used by the Zen-Ohs which is worrisome to other remaining warriors.


Team Universe 11 also has three remaining warriors left. But don’t count them out just they are the most powerful members of the Pride Troopers. There’s Dyspo who is said to be the fastest in their universe; the Pride Troopers’ leader Toppo, and the most powerful of them all, Jiren.

More to spare

Team Universe 7, led by Goku, has the most number of remaining warriors with seven. Aside from Goku, our favorite heroes are still around: Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Android 18 and Android 17. Even the villain Frieza is still around. Currently, only Tien Shinhan, Master Roshi, and Krillin are now on the sidelines.

Universe 3 is currently running second with six warriors left in the Tournament of Power: Katopesla, Borareta, Koitsukai, Paparoni, Biarra, and Panacea. They are composed mainly of humanoids and robots and don’t seem to have any powerful member that can surpass even that of Androids No. 17 and 18.


Brink of elimination

The latest spoiler of the next “Dragon Ball Super” episode entitled “Accelerated Tragedy Vanishing Universes...” suggests that two teams will be eliminated in the coming round. And based on the leaked spoiler, Team Universe 2 and 6 will be the next on the erasure list. Here’s the teaser:

Meanwhile, with Frieza having been “robbed of his pleasure” by Goku, fans closely following “Dragon Ball Super” believe that the greatest villain of Universe 7 will try his luck on the remaining warriors. It’s been a long while since we saw Frieza fighting out a real battle.

Yet things are about to change in the coming episodes of “Dragon Ball Super.” As teasers and spoilers suggested, Vegeta and Toppo will fight anew leaving Frieza to face either Dyspo or Jiren while Goku recovers his stamina.

One theory that could bring delight to fans is that Frieza will share some of his energy to Goku again so he can recover faster and face Jiren. With a low level of power, Frieza could be enough to dispatch the speedster, Dyspo.