Goku got a new form. Is this really a huge event? From the beginning of the show, “Dragon Ball” told us about Goku’s life, which means that all the focus has been placed upon him. However, Vegeta has become very popular, and the argument can be made that Vegeta is just as strong and powerful as Goku. Maybe even more so.

Now that Goku has discovered the Ultra Instinct power, Will the prince of Saiyans also achieve this power? There are a lot of clues that make think that Vegeta is going to figure out the mystery of self-movement and this is why.

Goku and Vegeta eventually become friends in the series, in spite of what Vegeta may think. However, the relationship between them has always been based on Vegeta´s jealousy.


Most of the time, Goku is one step ahead of Vegeta, and all throughout “Dragon Ball Z,” the rivalry was built upon the fact that the prince of Saiyans could not become a Super Saiyan as fast as Goku. Not to mention that Vegeta never got the Super Saiyan 3 transformation. Vegeta pretty much admitted during the fight with Buu that Goku was indeed number one. It might have been the only time we saw this in all of “Dragon Ball.”

Is Vegeta stronger than Goku?

There were a few moments where Vegeta surpassed Goku, but they were limited in time and usually involving some kind of special circumstances. For example, when Goku got the heart virus during the fight with Android 19 or when Vegeta leaves the time chamber to fight against Cell. When Goku and Gohan emerged, they surpassed Vegeta. Looking at “Dragon Ball Super,” starting with the “Battle of Gods,” the rivalry changed a little bit because Vegeta has kept up with Goku pretty much every single time.


Actually, they wanted to show us so much more than before and that Vegeta and Goku, throughout the series, have had the same strength.

It is obvious that Vegeta fans are constantly upset that Vegeta doesn’t get the spotlight, but maybe there is an effort in “Dragon Ball Super” to show something different. However, we have to remember the interview between “Dragon Ball” and Toriyama, where he said that the prince of Saiyans was not one of his favorite characters to write. This interview was a long time ago, but now we can tell with “Dragon Ball Super” that things have changed. In fact, there was an interview after “Battle of Gods” where he said that if he were going to make another movie he would make Vegeta the centerpiece of that film.

The role of Vegeta in 'Dragon Ball Super'

The development behind Vegeta in “Dragon Ball Super” vs “Dragon Ball Z” has totally changed. Vegeta is no longer the bloodthirsty guy waiting to actually kill Kakarot. Now they seem to work better together and it’s no longer a jealousy issue, but more so a game they enjoy playing.

There is always the wish to be stronger than the other one though.

The first key point as to why Vegeta will eventually learn the Ultra Instinct move started with “Resurrection F” arc when we found out that Vegeta was training with Whis before Goku. That makes us think that those extra months are important, which is further proven when Beerus states that Goku is not the only fighting genius, Vegeta is one too.

During the Universe 6 tournament, Goku brought back the Kaio-ken. Adding the multiplier power of the Kaio-ken on top of super Saiyan blue, without question, Goku had surpassed Vegeta. During the Trunks arc, things were very different because there are several times where Vegeta was completely outperforming Goku. This included the moments where Goku was learning the Mafuba from Roshi while Vegeta trained. Even though the Mafuba was supposed to be a much more important technique, it didn´t work. Vegeta was training extremely hard and he really showed it when he went to the future.

The important thing in “Dragon Ball Super” it is not just limited to Vegeta wanting to surpass Goku. There are a few moments in the series where Vegeta states that he not only wants to surpass Goku, but he wants to be the strongest fighter in all of the universes. He even says that he wants to surpass lord Beerus.

When it came to “Dragon Ball Super” episodes 110 and 116 after Goku had those momentary brawls with Jiren and Kefla, Vegeta seemed quite curious, but not in a sort of rage kind of way. Vegeta was very calm during these transformations and he made comments about the time that they were training like he got the idea from Whis about Goku’s speed and how he is able to move so fluidly. This suggests there is a big possibility that Vegeta [VIDEO]is going to get the Ultra Instinct power.

Do you think Vegeta is getting this transformation?