The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super” left off with a huge development in the ongoing Universe Survival Saga arc. After a long while, another warrior was finally eliminated from the Tournament of Power, and it wasn’t just any warrior.

The saga’s main highlight was the bout between two Saiyans from Universe 6 and Universe 7. The rematch between Son Goku and the female tag team, Caulifla and Kale, went on for several episodes, but it finally concluded in last weekend’s episode, shortly after the female Saiyans unveiled their powerful fusion form called Kefla.

Thanks to Kefla’s power that reached the same level as Goku’s Spirit Bomb technique, Goku regained his new skill called Ultra Instinct. Kefla achieved Super Saiyan 2 in her final moments against Goku, but the latter unleashed a powerful Kamehameha attack, which eventually eliminated Kefla from the Tournament of Power.

Will Universe 6 be annihilated next?

Indeed, what Whis said about the fusion being a dangerous tactic in the tournament was true, because when Goku eliminated Kelfa, he eliminated two of Team Universe 6’s warriors namely Kale and Caulifla.


The recent turn of events in Dragon Ball Super” Episode 116 left Champa and his team in despair since they’ve banked on most of their chances on Kale and Caulifla.

They called Kefla their secret weapon, but with the two out of the battle royal, it’s up to the Namekians to save Universe 6. The remaining warriors of Team Universe 6 are the Namekians named Pirina and Saonel.

Pirina and Saonel have been fighting Son Gohan and Piccolo since Goku, and Caulifla’s fight began. Since they're Namekians, the two might actually resort to fusion as well, but this might not turn out well for them either.

“Dragon Ball Super” has not established how strong Pirina and Saonel were, and this has left fans to speculate that Universe 6 is going to be obliterated next.

Earlier official updates for the anime series revealed that another universe is set to be annihilated in the upcoming episodes. Given how things panned out in the latest episode, and what was revealed in the teaser for the next episode, the next universe to be annihilated could either be Universe 6 or Universe 2.

Ribrianne unleashes new final form

The new video teaser for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 117 showed that Ribrianne is finally back in action.

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Earlier official spoilers from Shounen Jump revealed that Team Universe 2 would be going after Goku shortly after he loses his Ultra Instinct and siblings Android 17 and Android 18 jump in to save him. The two Androids will be going up against Kamikaze Fireballs’ Ribrianne and Rozie.

However, the preview for “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 117 further revealed that Ribrianne would be unleashing a new form in her fight against Android 18. She even has Android 18 in a bind as she shows off her new transformation.

With her new and possible final form out in the open, fans are speculating that Ribrianne will be eliminated next.