Many fans are wondering about the reason behind dropping #majin buu in the Tournament of Power in “#Dragon Ball Super.” During the recruitment of the fighters that will make up Universe 7, #Goku, along with his son Gohan, visited and sparred with different characters to be a part of the team. After a lot of convincing, bluffing, and persuading, the team was completed. Goku stands as the team leader of Universe 7. Other fighters include Gohan, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, Android 17, Android 18, Muten Roshi, Tien, and Majin Buu.

However, a few hours before the tournament started, the pink glutton fell asleep and would wake up after six months.

This left the fan-favorite with no choice but to seek Frieza’s help in exchange for a deal to resurrect him should they win the tournament.


There are many “Dragon Ball Super” fans who would like to see Buu fight alongside other popular fighters of Universe 7. They would like to see how he will fair with other powerful warriors from other participating universes. Many were disappointed when the team behind the popular anime series dropped him out of the competition. This left them to wonder about the real reason why he was not included in the final roster of Universe 7 fighters.

One theory claims that Majin Buu is so overpowered [VIDEO] for the Tournament of Power that he might trigger the immediate erasure of the team and the entire universe. Aside from that, the theory suggests that his power could have led to an easy victory for the team.

The theory cites that the pink glutton has body parts that have the ability to extend. This would enable him to grab anyone from their team who could fall out of the arena.

Majin Buu also has the power to turn anyone into chocolate and eat them. This could disqualify the team since killing is prohibited. He can also multiply himself into numerous duplicates and let them fight against any fighter in the arena. Buu can also absorb his opponents and their powers, thus making him stronger. To top it all off, he has the healing power that can instantly regenerate any of his damaged parts. The only way to defeat him is to kick him out of the arena or kill him by tearing him into pieces.

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Meanwhile, the next episode of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on November 5. Episode 114 [VIDEO] is titled “Intimidating Power, The Birth of a New Super Power.” It will feature the continuation of the fight of Son Goku against Universe 6 Saiyans’ Caulifla and Kale.