Caulifla and Kale’s new fusion finally made its debut at the ongoing Tournament of Power of the Universe Survival Saga arc. The new fusion between Universe 6’s female Saiyans was officially called Kefla (Kefura), and the fusion has been the talk of the town lately.

Kefla has shown great strength and potential that even Goku was forced to unleash his Super Saiyan Blue transformation. Official updates and spoilers forDragon Ball Super” revealed that Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue isn’t powerful enough to defeat Kefla, which dismayed a lot of fans. However, there’s a lot of things to consider why Goku isn’t getting eliminated from the Tournament of Power yet.


Kefla’s real strength gauged

Goku and Kefla’s fight was the highlight of the past few episodes, and it will probably conclude in this weekend’s episode because Goku has finally regained Ultra Instinct.Dragon Ball SuperEpisode 115 showed an action-packed episode between the Saiyans, and it has tricked the audience into believing that Kefla was too strong.

First of all, fans might have forgotten that Goku wasn’t in his top shape when Caulifla and Kale ambushed him. Goku was severely weakened from his fight with Jiren that even Frieza had to step in to lend him some energy.

The official teasers made it look like the fight will be difficult for Goku, but it wasn’t exactly hard for him to fend off the female Saiyans’ blows even in his weakened state.

In fact, Goku could have eliminated Kale and Caulifla if they haven’t cheated, and used the Potara Earrings to merge. Thanks to Zen-Oh’s love for a good show, the Grand Priest eventually allowed the use of the earrings. Kefla’s fusion was indeed ten times more powerful than Kale and Caulifla’s average powers, but Goku was still powerful than them and their fusion.


Goku could have also eliminated Kefla, but because of his depleted stamina, he transformed back into his base form at the last second. If Goku was in top shape, he would have easily defeated Kefla. Also, it’s highly likely that Kale’s berserker power alone is more powerful than the Kefla fusion because Jiren only budged during his meditation when Berserker Super Saiyan power was unleashed.

Kefla’s flaw and huge mistake

This was the first time Kale and Caulifla merged into fusion, and they’re also both new to their powers.

The one possible flaw in their fusion is its limit of how long they can use it. The two were overconfident that they can defeat Goku with Potara Fusion, but they’ve powered up several times to match up to Goku’s fighting prowess, which used a huge amount of stamina.

For someone who has yet to master their powers and their fusion form, Kefla will most likely run out of stamina because they aren't able to sustain it with the drastic power-ups and revert to Caulifla and Kale. Another thing to point out is what Whis said in the latest episode of “Dragon Ball Super” regarding fusion.


Beerus was planning to merge Android 17 and Android 18, but Whis pointed out that this wasn’t a good idea because creating a fusion also meant losing two warriors.

Kefla might be powerful enough to defeat the other warriors in the Tournament of Power, but in the end, it’s still a fusion between two warriors who have yet to master their powers. The two female Saiyans also made a huge mistake in dragging their fight with Goku because this enabled the latter to regain his newly found power, the Ultra Instinct, which awakened Jiren as well.