The turnout of the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” could have been very different had Buu made it to the team. During the Zen-o exhibition match, he easily defeated his opponent by using his abilities. Unlike other fighters, he can heal himself quickly and annihilate his opponents without even sweating. While he was preparing for the tournament, he even sparred with Son Goku and knocked off the fan-favorite Saiyan by his quick moves. While many fans appear to know the origins of this powerful character in the franchise, a new report claims that it has directly excerpted interesting information from the horse’s mouth — Akira Toriyama.


In one of his past interviews [VIDEO], the brains behind “Dragon Ball Super” and the rest of the DB series, Akira Toriyama, revealed interesting details about Buu’s origins.

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According to him, Buu was not actually created by Bibidi. The creator dismissed the previous statement made by the Kaioshin in the Manga that Bibidi created him. Toriyama san said that the powerful character existed since time immemorial and cycled between long hibernation and between rampages.

During this time, Buu absorbed humankind’s evil factor that triggered him to be violent. Bibidi knew how to call Buu from his long sleep.

Since Toriyama’s revelation, it appears that Buu was made even before inhabitants of Universe 7 were created. The question about his origin remains unsolved. Interestingly, a new fan theory recently surfaced online claiming to have known the origins of Buu. Anime fan James Corden said that the Angel of Destruction Whis made Buu long before the role of god of description was even made a position. He claims that the character does not have a specific date when it came into existence.


From the statement made by Akira Toriyama, it appears that the evil nature of Buu was picked up from humans. This includes his murderous, sadistic, insane traits. Like the Tournament of Power, [VIDEO] it seems that Buu’s existence was made to maintain the balance between creation and destruction.

After long rampages, Toriyama san described the character to undergo long hibernation periods. This routine is similar to that of Beerus that make sure the balance is observed and then sleeps after destroying several planets.

Other details

Meanwhile, Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to officially air on November 19. It will feature the continuation of the fight between Universe 7’s Son Goku and Universe 6’s Kefla. It was previously teased that Son Goku will use his Ultra Instinct form once again in this upcoming episode.