The Universe Survival Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” has introduced many interesting characters in the community. Aside from the powerful Saiyan girls from Universe 6, fans also got to know the overpowered mortal from Universe 11—Jiren the Gray. The popular anime series showed fans a glimpse of Jiren’s power during the one-hour special. As the highlight of the Tournament of Power, the strongest Pride Trooper fought head-on with the fan-favorite Saiyan and the icon of the franchise—Son Goku. Although the fight was epic, Goku was defeated by his opponent despite his techniques and power forms.


Up until now, fans were baffled about the reason behind Jiren’s power. Others noticed that there is something different in his eyes whenever he is in a battle.

New theory

There is a new fan-theory about the secret behind the eyes of Jiren the Gray in “Dragon Ball Super.” On YouTube, anime content creator named 'What if Theories' claimed to know the secret behind Jiren’s eyes. The channel believes that the strongest Pride Trooper was able to make a wish to the dragon balls. His wish was to be able to defeat any opponent he sets his sights on.

The theory even cites Vermouth’s claim that Jiren will never lose in his battles regardless of his opponent. When he was tasked to take Goku out, he set his eyes on the Saiyan. The theory further goes on saying that his eyes will assess the situation and will give the Pride Trooper power to defeat them.

Other details

It is also very noticeable that when he is in a fight, Jiren’s eyes have different glares. There were instances where a blue ring can be seen in his eyes. There were also several times when flame-like images are displayed.


During his fight with the Legendary Assassin Hit, fans noticed that while imprisoned in the Cage of Time, there is something weird in Jiren’s eyes. Later, it enabled him to move and hurl his attacks. Also, a red disc-like power came out of his eyes that beat Hit and caused him massive damage.

While the theory is possible, there is more to that glare that fans will soon discover as the Tournament of Power moves on. During his fight with Goku and even with Hit, the fighter from Universe 11 has not yet unveiled all his power and what fans saw was just a glimpse of what he really has.

Fans are hoping to see Jiren the Gray fight with Son Goku again in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super.” Most likely, Goku will be able to master his Ultra-Instinct form, which will excite fans.