A new set of spoilers for Episode 117 of “Dragon Ball Super” was recently leaked. The details give fans a glimpse of what to expect in the future episodes of the popular anime series. One of the highlights of the Tournament of Power is Son Goku achieving the Ultra-Instinct Omen. The technique is so powerful that it enables the fan-favorite Saiyan to move at an unbelievable speed. The god-like state also allows him to close the gap between his power level and that of his opponent, Jiren the Gray.

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Interestingly, the fan-favorite Saiyan again tapped into this god-like technique that might have a negative result on the part of universe 7.

No UI Goku vs Jiren fight

The latest spoilers leaked for Episode 117 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super” reveals that Son Goku will ascend again to a much higher power level to defeat his powerful opponent from Universe 6—Kefla.

Interestingly, the super warrior from Universe 6 will also increase her power level to defeat her opponent. This will be the second time that the fan-favorite Saiyan will break through his limits and use the god-like technique.

Interestingly, while this feat is another impressive accomplishment of the team leader of Universe 7, the angel of destruction appears to be not pleased with the latest development in the tournament. Some fans believe that in Episode 116, Son Goku will defeat Kefla using a Kamehameha while using the Ultra-Instinct Omen. Although it seems that it would be a great advantage to Universe 7, upon careful examination, it appears otherwise.

Other details

It is worth noting that after Goku was able to break through his limits for the first time and used the Ultra-Instinct Omen, he was drained out of energy.

It was with the help of Freiza and his fight with Caulifla and Kale that he was able to regain his stamina and increase his power level. However, it was previously revealed that during his power-up, Jiren the Gray will be awakened from his meditation. With the imminent threat looming, it is apparent that Son Goku will not be able to fight with the strongest pride trooper yet.

Apparently, his energy will again be drained and he will be in a broken state once again. Should Jiren the Gray wake up and join the current fight in the arena, Goku will surely be beaten. This explains why Whis does not seem happy [VIDEO]with Goku using the Ultra-Instinct Omen once again.Meanwhile, Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” will officially air on November 19.