The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” moves on to its second half with more actions and a surprising turn of events. With the latest set of leaked spoilers for the upcoming episodes, it seems that fans will witness the reappearance of Goku’s powerful form that gives him god-like power. Based on previous speculations, this form is so powerful that even some gods of destruction have a hard time mastering it. Surprisingly, a new theory surfaced recently claiming that the new super warrior Kefla is more powerful than Ultra-Instinct Goku.

New theory

With the new set of spoilers released for Episode 116 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans have come up with a lot of crazy theories.

One of the theories claims that Kefla, being the fusion of two powerful Saiyans from Universe 6, Kale and Caulifla can withstand Goku’s Ultra-Instinct Omen. The claim also believes that the super warrior has a limitless power that was achieved because of the fusion.


In the past episode, fans saw how the new super warrior attacked Super Saiyan God Goku with ease.

With the new spoilers, the theory believes that since the fan-favorite Saiyan will power up and reach his most powerful form; Kefla will also power-up to match the Ultra-Instinct Omen. It is possible that the super warrior will receive a power boost too, to match up her opponent’s energy making her more powerful than Goku’s god-like form.


In the latest spoilers released a few days ago, it was revealed that Goku’s new form would attract the interest of Universe 11’s strongest Pride Trooper Jiren the Gray [VIDEO]. While it was not directly stated, it can be inferred that the massive surge of energy accumulated through Goku’s achievement of his new form disrupts Jiren’s meditation and attracts his attention.


During the one-hour special of the anime series, the explosive form achieved by Son Goku left the spectators, the fighters, and even gods of destruction astounded. Apparently, tapping the powerful form once again will give the same effect to everyone in the World of Void.

While the details for Episode 117 of the popular anime series do not reveal a potential Jiren and Goku rematch, fans are expecting that it will happen soon. It seems that there are more surprises that the team behind the popular anime series has in store for all the fans as the Tournament of Power moves on with its episodes.

Episode 115 of “Dragon Ball Super” will officially air on November 12. It will feature the continuation of the crazy showdown between Son Goku and the powerful super warrior from Universe 6, Kefla.