A new set of spoilers for Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” was recently leaked. It contains surprising details about one of the much-awaited reappearances of a powerful character in the Tournament of Power of the popular anime series. It seems that fans would be seeing the strongest Pride Trooper Jiren the Gray in the next episodes of the series earlier than expected. After eliminating the Legendary Assassin Hit from the arena, he subjected himself to meditation apparently to recharge the energy he lost from his previous fights with Son Goku and Hit.

New leaked information

On Twitter, a new set of spoilers containing details on Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” recently surfaced online. Herms98 translated the preview from the Japanese publication Weekly Shonen Jump.


The episode is titled “Goku vs Kefla! Ultra-Instinct finally goes into operation!”

Episode synopsis

The latest synopsis for the upcoming episode reveals that the new super warrior Kefla is so powerful that even Super Saiyan Blue Goku is being pushed back. Interestingly, when the fan-favorite Saiyan was cornered, his more powerful form, the Ultra-Instinct Omen is finally triggered. The more surprising revelation is in the succeeding sentences. According to the synopsis, Jiren the Gray shows interest in Goku’s powered-up battle.

Fans know that Jiren went into meditation after subjecting himself into fights with Son Goku of Universe 7 and Hit of Universe 6. In Episode 112, Vegeta tried to interrupt his meditation but was restricted by Toppo. Other fighters have tried to shatter the Pride Trooper’s meditation but were not able to do so.

New form

The leaked synopsis notably made a direct emphasis on Jiren’s latest condition. It appears that Goku’s achievement of his new form while fighting against the fused super warrior Kefla attracted his interest.


It is possible that this new form achieved by Goku is so powerful to have affected even Jiren’s deep state of meditation. With his new powerful form, Goku was able to turn the pace of the fight to his advantage. Will this lead to Kefla getting another power-up in terms of form and power? Will the fan-favorite Saiyan perfect the unbelievable god-like power this time against Kefla? Is Goku’s new form an indication of the defeat of the secret weapon of Universe 6?

Meanwhile, Episode 115 of the popular anime series is scheduled to air on November 12.

It is titled “Kale and Caulifa Fuse! Super Saiyan Blue Defeated?!” The upcoming episode of “Dragon Ball Super” will feature the continuation of the crazy fight between Universe 7’s Son Goku and the latest fused warrior from Universe 6, Kefla.