Episode 117 of “Dragon Ball Super” officially aired recently. Fans witnessed two warriors from Universe 2 being eliminated in the Tournament of Power. The goddess of love, Ribrianne, was defeated by the tag team of Android 17 and Android 18. Her ally Rozie was sent out of the arena by Android 17 who showed impressive fighting skills and power during the battle. The strong humanoids helped the fan-favorite Saiyan Son Goku as the god of destruction of Universe 2 made a new fight plan to eliminate him while he was at his weakest. Interestingly, a new development has been recently leaked about the next episode of the popular anime series that will really excite fans.

Latest leaked spoilers

A few days ago, on the popular social networking site Twitter, a new set of spoilers for Episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” was leaked. It contains interesting information about what the upcoming episode will be about. As translated by the anime content creator Herms, it appears that the supervillain from hell, Frieza, will be helping Son Goku once again [VIDEO]. It was revealed that while he is fighting with Zarbuto and his allies, the fan-favorite Saiyan fires a Kamehameha that sends Universe 2 warriors and company out of the arena. It was further disclosed that the supervillain from Hell gets furious because Goku spoils his fun.

Other details

In Episode 111, Frieza gave Son Goku some of his energy after his battle with Jiren the Gray. The villain’s motive as previously revealed was for the fan-favorite Saiyan to defeat Jiren for him so he could be the MVP of the tournament and make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls.

The spoilers also indirectly revealed that Goku might have regained his lost energy being able to fire a Kamehameha at Zarbuto and company. Did Frieza give him energy again so he could fight his opponents? With the supervillain mad at the Saiyan for eliminating his opponents, is it possible that he is fighting alongside Goku against warriors from Universe 2?

After Episode 117, it appears that another universe will be erased. With the spoilers claiming that Zarbuto and his allies are sent out of bounds [VIDEO], it seems that Universe 2 will be the next to get eliminated for getting all their fighters out the tournament. There are more or less 16 or 15 minutes remaining until the tournament ends and the winning universe will be declared. Meanwhile, Episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to air on December 3. It will feature the showdown between Saonil and Pirina of Universe 6 against Piccolo and Gohan of Universe 7.