Recently, summaries of the upcoming episodes of "Dragon Ball Super" were revealed. With them come many revelations regarding the future of the Tournament of Power [VIDEO]. The upcoming episodes are sure to be exciting due to the battle between Goku and the super warrior of Universe 6, Kefla. In addition to this, it has been revealed that another universe will be erased.

These advances [VIDEO] were revealed by the magazine Animedia, which usually gives official and reliable summaries.

Episode 115

Kale and Caulifla have merged using the Pothara earrings. The fusion of both Saiyan warriors begins to overwhelm Goku with tremendous power. Although Goku counter-attacks using his Super Saiyan Blue transformation, Kefla's attacks are more intense and powerful.


Goku seems to return to his base form, although he once again has the silver eyes.

Everything indicates that Ultra Instinct will appear again when Goku is cornered by Kefla, who has overwhelming power due to the Potara fusion. This will endanger Goku, which will allow the Saiyan of Universe 7 to obtain his new transformation once more.

Episode 116

Through his extreme battle with Kefla, Goku once again utilizes Ultra Instinct. This is a state of being which Gods cannot easily obtain. His body unconsciously dodges Kefla's powerful attacks, triggering another power-up for his opponent. After avoiding all of Kefla's attacks, Goku launches a Kamehameha at point-blank range.

Episode 116 tells us what will transpire in the battle between Goku and the powerful fusion of Universe 6.


At this point, everything indicates that Ultra Instinct will be too much for Kefla, who will be defeated.

Chapters 117 and 118

In addition to episodes 115 and 116, the episode 117 summary indicates that Goku will once again revert back to his base form. Ultra Instinct will leave the Universe 7 Saiyan exhausted and vulnerable. Ribrianne and other Universe 2 warriors will try to eliminate Son Goku from the Tournament of Power. Being at a tremendous disadvantage, he is about to take a direct hit when Android 17 and 18 intervene in order to save Goku.

On the other hand, episode 118 suggests the elimination and erasure of a new universe. Everything at this point indicates to us that Universe 2 will lose in the tournament and the universe will be erased. Universe 6 could possibly be at risk of being erased as well. Even so, this is just a hypothesis at this point.