Dragon Ball Super” might be halfway done with its Tournament of Power, but that doesn’t mean the anime is not up for more big surprises. We saw the female Saiyan warriors fight side-by-side in an attempt to take down Goku, who is still recovering from his battle against Jiren The Grey. All fighters have been informed of the tournament rules that they need to follow. Bringing of weapons in the battleground is strictly prohibited, but Kale and Caulifla are about to violate this [VIDEO] as they have been confirmed to use the Potara earrings to fuse together. Will the Zeno allow them to do it?

Kale and Caulifla might face elimination

The Potara earrings are worn by the Supreme Kais as part of their traditional outfit to identify their status in their respective universes.

However, if two fighters wear each of the earrings, it means that they are about to boost their powers, which is a signifier that they are going to fuse. The technique will create one powerful warrior, and both the female Saiyan warriors are about to do this in the upcoming episode. Unfortunately, some fans suggest that using the earrings may not be allowed in the tournament as it might be considered as a weapon.

That said, Kale and Caulifla might face elimination if [VIDEO] they would use the Potara earrings to fuse unless the Zeno finds it a fun technique. It can be recalled when Master Roshi was allowed to use an empty bottle when he released his Evil Containment Wave during his fight against Frost. The gods did not eliminate the Turtle Hermit because such technique entertained them. However, other fans are not sure if the Zeno finds the earrings fun to use in the battle.

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Theories have it that there might be a Double Elimination to happen soon in the person of Kefla – the fusion between Kale and Caulifla.

Can Kefla defeat Goku?

The female Saiyan fighters have shown off how powerful they are since they started training with Cabba how to go Super Saiyan. Kale, the meek and shy warrior, proved that she could be a great danger especially when she goes Berserk. Caulifla, the leader of the Saiyan punks, was the first one to learn how to transform into SS and she’s been determined to go SSJ3 as well as SSB. However, if Goku masters the new Ultra Instinct form, Kefla might have a hard time taking him down despite the fusion.

Dragon Ball Super” Episode 114 is slated to air on November 5. Don’t miss the episode that will showcase the birth of the new Super Warrior. Stay tuned!