With only 17 minutes left until the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is over, fans are excited to see which among the participating universes will be the surviving team. So far, there are already a couple of universes that were erased in the previous episodes. Universe 10 was the first to receive the punishment and Universe 9 followed its fate. With the imminent end of the competition just minutes away, the community is expecting that more universes will suffer the same fate. Interestingly, a new theory surfaced online claiming that another plot-twist is going to happen in the next episode of the anime series.


New theory

One of the latest theories about the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” believes that there will be another twist in the plot of the anime series. According to anime blogger Wamiq Fida, the upcoming episodes will give the spotlight to Gohan’s mentor Piccolo. He believes that because of the presence of the Namekians from Universe 6 named Saonel and Pirina, the team behind the popular anime series will make Piccolo significant and will trigger a twist in the plot. He claims that the reason why the Namekians from Champa’s team are still in the competition has something to do with Piccolo.

Namekian God

The theory claims that Piccolo might ascend to his power and become a Namekian God in the upcoming episodes. The blogger believes that the learned fighter might convince Saonel and Pirina to fuse. How is it possible? The theory believes that like the Saiyans, it needs five Namekians to produce a Namekian God. Piccolo is already a fused Namekian with Kami and Nail already fused within him. Should Pirina and Saonel agree, there are already 5 Namekians, enough to create a Super Namekian God.


Aside from that, the blogger believes that should the fusion happen, Universe 6 will not be erased because inside the Super Namekian God are fighters from Champa’s team.

Other details

If the theory is to be believed, Universe 7 has a list of powerful warriors that could help them win in the Tournament of Power. Ultra-Instinct Goku and Ultra-Instinct Vegeta might surface in the future episodes. There is also a great possibility that Gohan might step up and unleash his Mystic form. So far, the greatest threat that every universe is preparing for is Jiren the Gray.

With enough meditation, the strongest Pride Trooper has already regained his lost stamina and might be in his best condition to fight.

Dragon Ball Super” fans are expecting more theories as the series approaches the end of the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, Episode 117 will air On November 26 and will feature the fight of Universe 7’s Androids 17 and 18 against Universe 2’s Rozie and Ribrianne.