The Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” is fast approaching its end. After Episode 115, there are only 19 minutes remaining until the winning universe will be declared. During the one-hour special of the tournament, fans witnessed the unbelievable strength and power of one of the strongest fighters in the multiverse—Jiren the Gray. After defeating Ultra-Instinct Goku, he easily eliminated the Legendary Assassin from Universe 6, Hit. After two tough fights with powerful fighters, he confidently retired from fighting and subjected himself into deep meditation. Apparently, the move was to recharge his lost stamina and to put himself in the best condition for future fights.

Until now, the team behind the popular anime series has not yet revealed the background of the strongest Pride Trooper from Universe 11. Interestingly, the latest issue of the Manga with the same title shared some of the details about Jiren the Gray and his reason for participating in the hotly contested tournament of Power.

Motivation behind his participation

One of the mysterious fighters in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” that fans would love to get to know better is Jiren the Gray. Aside from his ridiculously amazing power that can withstand even the Genki-Dama and the god-like technique Ultra-Instinct Omen [VIDEO], his background is still unknown to the massive fandom of the franchise. In the latest issue of the Manga, it was revealed that the strongest Pride Trooper is not swayed even if their universe will be erased.

Like Android 17, he believes that it is acceptable for the universe to be destroyed along with all other inhabitants. Even his close friend Toppo cannot persuade him from participating in the Tournament of Power. However, when Vermouth came and told him that the winner will have the chance to make a wish at the Super Dragon Balls, he willingly accepted the invitation.

Other details

In Episode 109, it is worth noting that before he fought with Goku, Toppo told him to defeat his opponent so he could make get the Super Dragon Balls [VIDEO]. It appears that his wish with the mythical balls is his utmost motivation in winning the Tournament of Power. It could also be the reason why Vermouth was so confident in telling his Kaioshin that his strongest fighter will never be defeated. The god of destruction of Universe 11 and even Toppo knows what the strongest Pride Trooper will wish for.

Meanwhile, Episode 116 of “Dragon Ball Super” will officially air on November 19. It will feature the showdown between Ultra-Instinct Goku and the super warrior Kefla.