Once again "Dragon Ball" fans, it is that time of the month when the magazine V-Jump publishes a new chapter of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga. In this chapter of the manga, the Universal Survival arc is developed further and we have a chapter summary!

This month the manga brings us many surprising revelations not included in the anime. Among them, Jiren's desire for a wish with the Super Dragon Balls, the rules of the Tournament of Power, and many other interesting things.


Manga summary

  • Despite hearing that Jiren is stronger than Vermouth, Goku goes on to say that if Toppo is a candidate to be the next God of Destruction that he should be stronger. This is a logical assumption but Toppo replies that it is only because Jiren is not interested in being Hakaishin and says goodbye.
  • The Grand Priest then announces that the official rules for the Tournament of Power have been decided. The rules are: Each team will have 10 members, elimination is achieved by knocking opponents from the platform, all members will fight at the same time within the allotted time of 100 taks (48 minutes), and the universe with the largest number of participants remaining, will win. If only one person remains before the end of the stipulated time, then that universe wins.
  • The Grand Priest recalls the tournament held between Universe 6 and 7 and mentions that the Super Dragon Balls will be the prize for the best warrior. He then asks Champa to hand over the three Super Dragon Balls he had already gathered.
  • The Kaioshin of Universe 4 asks what will be the reward for the winning universe and the Grand Priest responds that their universe will remain while those that lose will be erased by Zeno.
  • Despite the astonishment of all the gods, Vermouth asks if only one universe will remain but Daishinkan answers no, that universes 1, 12, 5, and 8 will also remain. Those four will remain as a result of having the highest mortal levels and are exempt from participating in the Tournament of Power.
  • Ramushi asks what will happen to them, so Daishinkan responds that except for the angels, the gods will also disappear with the universe erased. Whis speaks and mentions that the true intention of the tournament is that Zeno was planning to erase the eight participating universes and their prize for winning is simply surviving. Beerus asks the level of Universe 7, so Whis replies that their level is next to last.
  • In Universe 11, Vermouth asks Toppo if the Pride Troopers can gather 10 members immediately, Toppo mentions the different activities in different places and will call them immediately, Vermouth responds that he should at least call Jiren.
  • Unlike the Anime, in which Bulma knew nothing at first, in the manga she is aware of everything and asks Shin how many planets are in Universe 7. The Kaioshin replies that Sadala, Vegeta, and Namek were destroyed leaving only 28 planets and of those he had not observed any that they were powerful fighters.
  • Returning to Universe 11, five members (Dyspo, Tupper, Voun, Zoiray, and Kunshi) of Pride Troopers face several enemies. Meanwhile, Kahseral helps some people seek refuge. Dyspo faces the leader, but Toppo intervenes and asking to join the battle.
  • On the planet of Vermouth, they talk about Jiren being someone who sacrifices everything for justice and does not act in his own interests and not even killing evil people. But he has a desire to fulfill even if he has to betray his principles to do so. That is why he entered the Tournament of Power, he desires to use Super Dragon Balls for a mysterious reason.
  • Finally, Toppo tells Jiren about the Tournament but he refuses to enter since his duty is to protect Universe 11 and will not destroy other universes just to save his own. Vermouth then appears telling Jiren that he can fulfill his wish if he wins the Tournament, so Jiren finally accepts on the condition that if Universe 11 has any problems, he will be allowed return immediately.

The wish of Jiren

Great controversy has been generated over the wish of Jiren. Some fans believe that his wish will be to restore his erased universe.

They also believe that Jiren was a God of Destruction in the past. Another theory believes that he will wish to restore his face, believing he is the last remaining.

For the moment this has been the latest news about the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we will be communicating it as quickly as possible.