The manga of “Dragon Ball Super” created by Toyotaro has become a trending topic in the series fandom. So far, the manga is behind the anime’s story and this is mostly because many things are being explained in depth, solving many doubts left behind by the anime.

The manga has achieved major success

After the release of tome 28 in which the Gods of Destruction fought in some sort of exhibition to prove the resistance of the arena of the tournament, the manga has become a fan favorite. This success is due to the fact that the manga explains in full detail the clues left by the anime. Next, we will share with you some leaks about tome 30 along with some interesting things about Jiren.


Jiren: Why isn’t he an aspirant to become a God of Destruction?

Tome 30 is just around the corner. Its Japanese and Korean editions are already in the streets, while the English and Spanish editions are still in the translation process. But thanks to Herms98 and his translations on certain pages we’ve managed to discover some very interesting facts about Universe 11’s strongest warrior that have not been revealed in the anime yet.

In the manga, we can see the whole Pride Troopers team fighting a giant crab that was attacking a city (in the anime, just some members were fighting it).

While they are fighting it the crab manages to capture them with some sort of burbling slime, and at the moment the people lost all hope, the strongest warrior appears, just like in any superhero story.

And this hero is no other than Jiren the Grey, who manages to destroy the crab with some sort of laser-like attack.

After the battle, Toppo asks Jiren to join them in the Tournament of Power. Belmod then explains that Jiren is a warrior that is devoted entirely to justice, and never acts for selfish reasons (he had never killed anyone, not even evil people).


Does he have a wish for Super Shenron?

Which could be such a wish is still a mystery, but what we know for certain is that Jiren initially refused to join the Tournament. He stated that it is his duty to protect Universe 11, but he won’t do it at the stake of the destruction of other Universes. If Universe 11 is destroyed it’s because it was its destiny. It was only after Belmod mentioned the Super Dragon Balls and the chance to make a wish to Super Shenron that Jiren finally agreed to join the tournament.

But he had just one condition: He will return to Universe 11 the moment he finds out it is in jeopardy, leaving the arena.

It is also revealed why he is not a candidate to become a God Of Destruction. It is as simple as he understands that the role of such a deity is to literally kill and destroy, and he refuses to do so.