There are only 17 minutes until the winning universe in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” will be declared. While fans are anticipating the winner and its respective universe, there are several fans that are already speculating on the next arc that will follow the Universe Survival Arc. In the latest episode of the popular anime series, fans witnessed at how powerful Son Goku has become when he was able to access the god-like technique once again. He easily dodged the laser-like attacks fired by Kefla. In addition, he easily defeated and eliminated the super-warrior from Universe 6 with a single blow of his massive Kamehameha.

New hints

While the Tournament of Power is approaching its end in “Dragon Ball Super,” a new theory recently surfaced online claiming to have already known the possible arc that would follow the Universe Survival Arc.

Anime blogger Shubram Sharma claimed that the latest images leaked [VIDEO] from the anime series’ studio hint on the next arc of the popular anime series.

According to the blogger, the sketch of the angels of destruction, which includes a new character, is the biggest hint about the next arc. While the fandom already knows the nine angels that were shown in the leaked sketch, one particular angel stands out because it is still unknown in the community. The blogger claimed that the angel is named Makgeollo. The theory believes that with a name, the said angel will soon be in the popular anime series.

Other details

Originally, there were 18 universes in the multiverse under Zen-oh’s supervision. The god of all wiped out six of the universes leaving the multiverse with 12 universes all with inhabitants and mortals.

These universes each have a god of destruction and an angel of destruction that were assigned to balance the creation. The theory believes that Makgeollo could be one of the angels of destruction from the six destroyed universes. This claim corroborates with several other theories previously claiming that the next arc in the anime series would be about the gods and angels of destruction.

Meanwhile, Episode 117 [VIDEO] of “Dragon Ball Super” is scheduled to officially air on November 26. It will feature Son Goku after his win against the super warrior Kefla. Several spoilers revealed that the fan-favorite Saiyan will be the target of Universe 2’s warriors Ribrianne and Rozie. However, Androids 17 and 18 will come to his aide and will fight against these powerful opponents. Android 17 will fight against Rozie while Krillin’s wife will battle against the goddess of love Ribrianne.