A new set of spoilers for episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” have leaked recently. The new details give fans a glimpse of what to expect in the future episodes of the hotly contested Tournament of Power. It appears that the fan-favorite Saiyan from universe 7 is going beyond the expectations of the gods and angels of destruction again. In Episode 116, fans witnessed how Son Goku was able to regain his lost energy by fighting the super warrior Kefla. He again used the god-like technique and sent his opponent out of the arena, eliminating her out of the tournament.


Interestingly, new details reveal that despite losing all his energy from his previous battle with the fused Saiyan, Son Goku managed to regain his energy.

Leaked spoilers

On Twitter, a new set of spoilers for Episode 118 of “Dragon Ball Super” recently surfaced online. The leaked spoilers were from Jump magazine and were translated into English by the ever-reliable anime content creator and translator Herms. In one of the details, it was revealed that the supervillain from Hell Frieza was furious after realizing that Son Goku’s energy blast knocks Zarbuto and his allies out of the tournament’s arena.

In another translation by the renowned anime content creator and translator Ken Xyro, he translated that the fan-favorite Saiyan fired a Kamehameha to Zarbuto and other fighters.

Regaining energy

This means that the fan-favorite Saiyan was able to regain his lost energy again since he was able to fire a Kamehameha to his opponents. This is contrasting previous speculations that Son Goku might not be able to fight for the meantime in the Tournament of Power because of depleted energy after fighting against Kefla.


Did Frieza give him energy again like he did in Episode 111? It is worth noting that in the previous spoilers for Episode 117, it was revealed that Son Goku cannot fight the fighters from Universe 2 so Androids 17 and 18 came to his rescue. Something must have happened in Episode 117 that paved the way for Goku regaining his lost energy. Will he be fighting against another powerful fighter in the upcoming episode like what happened in Episode 115?

Episode 118

As revealed in the spoilers, Episode 118 is titled “Accelerating Tragedy, A Universe Vanishes.” It is slated to air on December 3.

It will feature another participating universe in the Tournament of Power in “Dragon Ball Super” being erased following the feat of Universe 9 and Universe 10. Will it be Universe 6 with only Saonel and Pirina fighting in the arena? Or will it be Universe 2 with Ribrianne and Rozie fighting against Androids 17 and 18?