"Dragon Ball Super" fans will see an ultimate fight soon. Fans will soon see Piccolo and Gohan [VIDEO]pairing up for a battle. There are only a few heroes who can battle alone or battle like Vegeta. But, the Z-fighters have no problem partnering up when need be. This is the reason fans might not be surprised to know that Piccolo and Gohan will be teaming up soon. According to ComicBook, Weekly Shonen Jump has released the synopsis for the Episode 18 of the show.

What do the reports suggest?

It has been long expected that Piccolo and Gohan will team up. The duo has a long history with each other and piccolo, and Gohan also knows each other very well.

Many fans believe that the Namekians are aware of Gohan’s style better than Goku. Piccolo and Gohan can also ask for help to the others.

It is expected that Gohan and Piccolo will have a close fight with Universe 6 Namekians. Saonel and Pirina will be the contender from the Universe 6 as they are the only remaining members of their team. It is quite certain that both teams will give their best and fans will see the massive tag-team moves. Fans are wondering how fierce that match is going to be.

In terms of strength, Universe 6 [VIDEO] Namekians duo Saonel and Pirina are known for multiple power to an insane degree. Both are expected to forfeit their power to save Universe 6. On the other hand, Gohan and Piccolo could surprise by new powers of their own. Overall, both the team equal in terms of power.

More regarding episode 118 of 'Dragon Ball Super'

Recently, the new photos of "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 18 have been leaked online. The images unveiled the details regarding the upcoming episode of the show. The episode is just hours away from its official airing date. In the last episode, Goku used his power called, Ultra-Instinct Omen. He has saved himself from the attacks and also eliminated his opponent from the Tournament of Power. The leaked images show that Goku is standing in the arena. By looking at this image, one can say that he has regained his energy. Fans can also see the several silhouettes of fighters behind him.

These silhouettes are possibly from Universe 4 or Universe 3. These warriors could belong to fan-favorite Saiyan, but nothing can be said for certain. The upcoming episode is really anticipated, one can only speculate what will happen. Fans have to wait a bit more for the episode and the ultimate fight. Stay tuned for more news and updates on "Dragon Ball Super."