In Episode 111 of “Dragon Ball Super,” fans witnessed how the strongest Pride Trooper, Jiren The Gray, easily defeated the legendary assassin Hit. His victory quickly came after he defeated Son Goku who had just broken his limits and accessed the god-like technique, Ultra-Instinct Omen. Universe 11’s Jiren the Gray is one of the most intriguing characters in the Tournament of Power. Since he was introduced, the community has been trying to dig into his background, his power, and his personality, but to no avail. Interestingly, a new issue of the Manga version of the anime series gives the fans the background of the strongest Pride Trooper.



In the latest issue of “Dragon Ball Super” Manga, several details about Jiren the Gray’s origin were revealed. With the help of the ever-reliable anime content creator and translator Herms, we have the translated version of the Manga. It was revealed that he is a popular hero and a servant of justice and peace in Universe 11. For him, the welfare of other inhabitants of his universe is his greatest task. In addition, he can move from universe to universe instantly without the use of any device or vehicle.

As disclosed in the Manga, Toppo wanted him to be on their team for the tournament but he graciously declined the invitation. The only motivating factor that made him join the team in the Tournament of Power is the prize that he could make a wish to the Super Dragon Balls. At present, that wish is still undisclosed. This adds more intrigue and color to his mysterious character.


Since the Manga came out, there are many speculations from fans about Jiren the Gray’s origin and his wish.


There are some fans claiming that he was once a god of destruction who chose to revoke his reign and pass it over to Vermouth and became one of the Pride Troopers of Universe 11. Other fans believe that the warrior of justice lost his family in one of the wars on his planet and should he win in the tournament, he would wish to the Super Dragon Balls to revive his loved ones. With a very limited amount of information about the character, fans are making their own theories and claims to justify the fighter’s unbelievable power and abilities.

Other details

Meanwhile, Episode 117 of “Dragon Ball Super” is slated to officially air on November 26. It will feature the battle between Universe 7’s Android 17 and Android 18 as they fight the powerful fighters of Universe 2 going after Son Goku. There are only 17 minutes remaining until the Tournament of Power declares its winning universe.