Dragon Ball Super” is set to showcase a powerful fusion between the two female Saiyan fighters from Universe 6 while fighting against Goku in the tournament of Power. Champa will be the one to teach Kale and Caulifla a new technique, which is apparently the fusion through the Potara earrings. However, some fans are concerned that using the earrings might be the cause of their double elimination as bringing weapons into the battleground is strictly prohibited. On the plus side, Zeno might find the technique amusing and it’s possible that he will allow this in the battle royal. Other fans though wonder if this can be considered cheating in the tournament.

Is fusing considered cheating?

The Tournament of Power is already halfway over, but there will be more surprises happening soon, including the fusion between Kale and Caulifla.

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super has showcased the girls’ battle against Goku, but fans are more stoked with their fusion. The warriors are going to use the Potara earrings [VIDEO] so they can fuse through Champa’s efforts by teaching them the technique. Fans have suggested that this is bending the rules.

Kale and Caulifla bend the rules

The tournament rules clearly state that using weapons while on the battleground is strictly not allowed – not even Goku’s Senzu Beans. However, the Zeno will likely allow the girls to use the Potara earrings to fuse because he might find it a fun technique. Master Roshi was allowed to use an empty bottle for his deadly Evil Containment Wave against Frost. The gods feel that it was a fun technique and were even thrilled by watching the Turtle Hermit doing his job.

Thus, even if the girls are violating the tournament rules, as long as Zeno is amused, the show must go on.

The fusion

A preview of the upcoming episode has also been released that highlights Kefla – the fusion of Kale and Caulifla. The trailer shows Goku being threatened by the two female warriors, but the hero powers up, which pushes the girls to do the same. However, the Universe 6 fighters clasp their hands together, showing that they are about to fuse. What hyped a lot of fans was when the silhouette of a female warrior can be seen standing – looking tough. By the end of the promo, a close-up of a smirking Kefla was featured wearing the Potara earrings.

What’s your hunch about Kale and Caulifla using the Potara earrings on “Dragon Ball Super?" Do you think Zeno will find it cool and fun?